Astrological Chart for Obama's Inauguration
Barack Obama, US President
Barack Obama's Presidency - significance and timing of the launch of the Presidency.
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Was the Void of Course Moon and Mercury Retrograde a bad omen for Obama's Inauguration chart?

On the morning of Obama's planned Presidential Inauguration on January 20th 2009, I posted a note to my friends commenting that the chart for Obama's Presidency was great apart from the Moon being seriously void.  I hope I wasn't following other astrologers who had taken the void moon and/or Mercury Retrograde to be a bad omen for Obama's Presidency.  Their concern about the Moon comes from the theory that nothing comes from arrangements and decisions made when the moon is void.  On reflection, I have never found the void of course (VOC) moon to be a 'bad or good' influence - it's just nothing goes quite as planned.  Each event and each horoscope needs to be viewed in it's entirety to judge whether the void is more likely to act as a negative or positive influence.
Grand National declared 'void'! [source]

The void Moon can be disastrous where arrangements have to be fixed and coordinated.  On 3 April 1993, the Grand National Horse Race watched by 300 million people around the world started in the void.  Despite a false start, many of the riders completed the course unaware that they had been recalled. The Jockey Club was forced to declare the race void and bookies had to repay thirty million pounds worth of bets.
Clinton's void inauguration and his blighted second term.

Twelve years before Obama's inauguration, Bill Clinton was sworn in for his second Presidential term on Jan 20 1997 when the Moon was also void.  The ceremony appeared to go according to plan.  However, what most Americans did not anticipate at this time was Clinton's subsequent impeachment in December 1998 which overshadowed his second term as President.

Arnie: elected Republican CA. Governor in the void, becomes a liberal.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California in the void.  What was not expected about his Governorship was that despite standing as a Republican, Schwarzenegger's views and actions as Governor are widely considered to be liberal.  His initial term was viewed favourably enough for him to be re-elected with 56% majority.
Obama announces candidacy in the void: The outsider with long-odds wins!

Obama declared his intention to run for President on February 10, 2007 in Springfield when the moon was void. At the time the money was on a final contest between Hilary Clinton and Rudi Giuliani. So his nomination as the Democratic candidate and eventual success in the Presidential reace was far from the expected outcome at the time.
"I was never the likeliest candidate for this office. We didn't start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington." - Barack Obama, Nov 4 2008 [quote source].

So how might the Moon void pan out for Obama's Presidency?  First Oath of OfficeIf this midday chart with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius is to be the key to the Presidency, then I believe we are in for spontaneity and unplanned developments.  We can expect a continuation of a journey into new ground and surprise developments.
But is this chart for midday valid? 

An interesting twist occurred as Obama's took the oath for the first time [12.04pm January 20], he and the Supreme Court chief Justice muddled the wording.  If it was not valid, then Joe Biden, as Vice President became President! Second Oath of OfficeSo as to avoid any future legal wrangling, Obama took a second oath at 7.35 pm on the next day, January 21st when the Moon was not void.  I can't help feeling that this unusual process of retaking the oath so typical with the Moon being void, has to be more than mere coincidence. Though some astrologers might argue that misscommunication by Mr Word Perfect (Obama) is more a reflection of the retrograde Mercury. 
So now, we might reasonably ask if this later oath should be taken as a new inauguration chart? 
Astrologer, Kenneth Irving has written an interesting blog pointing to 4 possible charts for the 44th Presidency: 
  1. Certification of the election results by Congress on January 9th 2009 at 1.35 pm EST.
  2. The constitutionally mandated date and time when Obama actually became President: Noon on January 21st.
  3. The first oath with the 'unconstitutional' wording at 12.04pm on 21st January.
  4. The second flawless oath at 7.35pm on 22nd January.
  5. In addition, I would add McCain's concession of the election on November 4th 2008.
  6. There is also, Obama's acceptance in Grant Park later on November 4th.
I favour chart option #2 as midday will be most prominent in the consciousness of most people (other than very observant astrologers and constituional experts). However, even with the Moon being void of course, the chart has many positive features.

Extracts from my thoughts on Obama's Horoscope and Presidency.

The expectations of the world for the next US President, Barack Obama are so high that it may prove impossible to live up to them.  What is it about this charismatic leader that has inspired so much hope?  Like many charts of great men, it's not the chart that makes him great; it is how he uses the potential of the chart. For the full story ...
Barack Hussein Obama
Born 19:24 4th August 1961 Honolulu, HI, USA
Asc:18 Aquarius   Sun:12 Leo   Moon:3 Gemini

Chicago is better than Washington DC

Obama during his acceptance speech. 4 November 2008Obama's greatest speech (to date) was his acceptance in Grant Park, Chicago on 4th November 2008.  On his ACG map, Jupiter in Aquarius is at the MC and Mercury at the IC – ideal for Obama for an historic, articulate and moving presentation watched by millions around the world.  However, in Washington DC, the energy is different.  Here, he has the Moon rising and the Sun slightly off the IC.  He will tend to react to new situations with clever words and quotable sound bites, but he needs time to grasp the fundamentals.  In Washington he is more prone to emotional crises and will have to assert himself to avoid getting swamped or being at the mercy forces beyond his control.  With both the Sun and Moon strong here, he will alternate between highly active periods of strong leadership and then lapse into a surprisingly passive and flexible role. 
Extract from Astro*Carto*Graphy® Map
for Barack Obama
Obama ACG Map for the USA

How does he compare with JF Kennedy? Does Obama share the dangers inherent in Kennedy's chart? more ... What is the impact of having an absent father figure who was both an ideal and a disappointment? Will his relationship with Hilary lead to extremes and deadlocks? Will he fulfill his mission to cut emissions with the omission of transport? What kind of allies can the US expect? What is Obama's achilles heel? more ...

More on Barack's Astro*Carto*Graphy to follow…
Robert Currey 3rd December 2008
New Logos! With the economic downturn here are some comic updates to well known corporate logos!
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