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Has the King inherited a poisoned chalice?

The expectations of the world for the next US President, Barack Obama are so high that it may prove impossible to live up to them.  What is it about this charismatic leader that has inspired so much hope?  Like many charts of great men, it's not the chart that makes him great; it is how he uses the potential of the chart.
Barack Hussein Obama
Born 19:24 4th August 1961 Honolulu, HI, USA
Asc:18 Aquarius   Sun:12 Leo   Moon:3 Gemini

The Lion King

He exemplifies many of the best characteristics of a Leo [his Sun Sign].  He clearly loves to play to an audience and even swaggers with the gait of an east African Lion. 

Obama instinctively knows how to use words that press the right buttons.

Yet, his most outstanding qualities: a natural orator and writer come from the combination of several planets in his natal chart.  Mercury in Leo lends the gift of dramatising speech with colourful anecdotes, theatrical pauses and rhetorical flourishes.  The sextile link to the Moon in Gemini on the IC gives him a great way of tapping into the innermost feelings of the people and the ability to articulate this collective mood with eloquence. 

Spontaneous speeches are carefully crafted behind the scenes.

With Aquarius rising and his Sun setting in Leo, he naturally rises to an opportunity to perform to his listeners.  Add his ruling planet, Uranus [conjunct Ascendant and square MC] into this mix, and Obama makes his speeches appear effortless and spontaneous.  Yet, his key addresses are carefully crafted [Mars in Virgo trine Saturn in 12] on his own over many late nights.   Here, Saturn in Capricorn opposite Mercury is a hard taskmaster demanding many rewrites, severe self-editing and focus.  While Jupiter wants to extend the oratory into philosophical questions and wider issues, Saturn just wants him to keep it brief and to the point.  Saturn in Capricorn here [and Venus in Cancer] explains how he values and uses historical precedent and the intentions of the founding fathers in support of his argument and ideals.

A Natural Strategist, Professional, Lawyer and Fund Raiser.

The Saturn Jupiter conjunction is a great asset for a politician or any professional.  I read a comment on a website that this conjunction in Capricorn and Aquarius in 12th house accounted for his success in financing his campaign without public funding through a multitude of anonymous benefactors ranging from the established and wealthy to Mr and Mrs Average.  It also gives foresight and the ability to plan strategically.  Add this to his Sun in 7th house and you have two significators for Obama's first profession as a lawyer and his second as a politician.

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The inspiration of an idealised absent father.

Obama's chart has the classic signature of an absent father.  This comes from the Sun square Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn in 12th.  These configurations don't always result in a missing or deserting father.  Both my brother and sister also have Sun in Leo square Neptune and I have Saturn in Scorpio in 12th.  Our father was away at sea in the Navy for much of our childhood.  However, Barack's father left when he was 2 years old.  They were reunited once, when Barack was ten, before his father died eleven years later.  What I find interesting is that Obama has been chosen to become ‘father of the world' as the ultimate decision maker on world issues?  Clearly, he has reflected deeply on the impact of the loss of his father in his memoirs “Dreams from My Father; A Story of Race and Inheritance.”

A partnership of extremes leading to deadlocks with Hilary

With the Moon placed in Gemini at the IC, his mother appears as a teacher and prominent influence who has shaped many of his opinions.  However, she also appears as a manifestation of Obama's emotionally volatile side [Moon square Pluto].  As an adult this energy is likely to be projected onto women who work with him in partnership.  Hilary Clinton and ObamaIn particular, I envisage quite an extreme relationship with Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton where there will be much vying for control over policy and media coverage.  As Hilary (26 Oct 1947 possibly 8pm Chicago) is predominantly (48%*) water with low air and Barack is predominantly air (36%*) with low water, it is likely that as he becomes more and more detached from her, she becomes more openly expressive of her emotions.  And as they are both predominantly fixed, they could each get stuck in entrenched positions.  Their common ground is that they both value consistency and loyalty and will persist in trying to make the partnership work when others see it is as doomed.

His mission to cut emissions with the omission of transport

I see the Pluto Virgo generation as the group who have and will take on the mission of reforming the quality of life on the planet.  Their concerns centre on the right to work, treatment and survival of creatures and the pollution of the environment.  With his natal Pluto in Virgo square his Moon in Gemini, Obama will face a challenging compromise between fulfilling this mission and an awareness of the great need for transportation within the USA.  Having lived in exotic locations such as Indonesia and Hawaii and with a life now divided between Chicago and DC, he appreciates the need for easy access to flights.  [Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter].

Obama a man of Change or Continuity?

It is interesting that someone who ran a campaign based on change should have such a fixed (54%) chart.  While there is going to be change over use of energy, war policy, health and homeland security, [mutable Mars Virgo in 8 and Moon on IC] it will be surprising how many projects, positions and institutions will remain exactly the same throughout his term of office.  For someone this fixed, continuity is valued and the thinking tends to be “if it ain't broke, why change it”. 

A figurehead for the collective and yet never part of it.

Obama is very Aquarian [Aquarius rising opposite Uranus] in the sense that he never quite fits into any mould.  He was seen as a black child with a white family in Hawaii where blacks number only 2.5% of the population and Indonesia where he was even more of a rarity.  His East African origins are ethnically and religiously different from most African Americans.  But yet even though he cannot be pigeon holed, millions of Americans and people from all over the world feel some personal connection with him. [Sun square elevated Neptune in 9th]

Radical approach to his career could lead to some controversial allies.

This independent spirit will be most evident in his career.  Obama is not programmed to follow the herd [Uranus square the MC].  Expect him to be very radical and to shock people if he feels he must pursue an ‘inconvenient truth'.  When transiting Uranus crossed his ascendant and opposed Uranus (2000-2002), he stood out in his opposition to the Iraq war.  I anticipate that as early as 2009 and 2010, he will form some unusual and controversial alliances with unexpected nations and groups [T. Neptune opposite Uranus in 7th and square MC].

Obama's Achilles heel: Manipulation and pressure from a female partner.

One area of vulnerability for Obama is his health, even though he is young and famously works out in the gym.  He is reputed to be trying to quit smoking, though it is hard to imagine maintaining this with the pressures of office especially being a Moon in Gemini.  However his Achilles heel is the stressful aspects to Chiron in Pisces [Square Moon opposite Uranus and Pluto] and the challenges of Mercury [in his 6th house opposite Jupiter/Saturn].  His chart suggests his chest and ankles are in some way vulnerable.  I should add that health risks that show up in a chart can be eliminated or minimised by the individual consciously incorporating the issues relating to the planets into their psychological make up.  For Obama, this is about integrating the diverse views of people even those whose approach is more instinctive and emotional like Hilary Clinton.  So I believe his health will in a strange way reflect the ups and downs of his relationship with Hilary and his wife Michelle.

Labours of Hercules

Obama inherits the Presidency with the USA at a major low point with massive debt, economic crisis, two arguably unwinnable wars, ecological neglect and stretched international relations.  His success in this herculean task, requires him to turn his contradictions into strengths.   By being both radical and respectful of history and continuity, he is capable of making change without alienating established forces or unneccessary destruction.  Working with Hilary and other allies will be a great emotional challenge that might affect him physically.  Yet, making her an asset and valuing her different approach, could be a source of great international power.  What is clear from the evidence so far and from his chart is that he has no lack of talent as a communicator, planner and executor. This, at least, gives him a head start over his predecessor.

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Robert Currey 3rd December 2008
    * The ranking used to get a % of each element or mode is:
  • Sun, Moon, Asc = 5 points each
  • Mercury, Venus, Mars = 3 points each
  • Jupiter, Saturn, = 2 points each
  • Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto = 1 point each
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