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Big Brother was watching over him

photo courtesy www.pete-bennett.co.ukPete Bennett (born 22 March 1982, 5.30am East Dulwich) sprung to fame in the UK when he appeared as a “housemate” on Big Brother [7] and went on to win £100,000 ($200,000) last year.  This required spending 93 days locked up in the Big Brother house isolated from the rest of the world, but in full public view on national television and 24/7 web cam.  Eventually after other housemates were evicted and six remained, the public voted Pete the winner in a telephone poll.

Early diagnosis of Tourettes

What I find more interesting about Pete is his life, his birth chart and the challenges he has had to overcome.  His mother, a client of mine, has confirmed his birth details.  She has said that though he showed no outward signs of problems in his early years, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at the age of 14.  He had been bullied at school from an early age and around this time he had lost contact with his father, who had left his mother many years before.

Tourettes is a neurological disorder characterised by the presence of repetitive, involuntary movements and vocal tics.  In Pete’s case, his characteristic phonic tic was a short whistle followed by the word “wankers!”  Pete’s mother explained this expression was quite tame compared to his earlier expressions and that these outbursts made it very hard for him to get a regular job.  However, his fame has lead to his tic become something of a catch phrase.  She recalled that she was in a shop in France and heard Pete’s voice as a ring-tone on someone else’s telephone. 

Pete Bennett's Chart Wheel

Pete's Strong Neptune - hard to set boundaries.

The first thing one notes about Pete’s chart is the strong Neptune – right at the Midheaven square his Sun and Mercury conjunct his Ascendant in Pisces (ruled by Neptune).  Here is someone who finds it hard to set boundaries in his public and personal life.  On a physical level, it is claimed that his Tourettes has been aggravated by an addiction to Ketamine.  Mercury rising in Pisces suggests that a very thin margin exists between his thoughts and his utterances in any new situation.  With Mercury and the Ascendant squared by Uranus in Sagittarius, these thoughts are often non sequitur, shocking and rarely in line with social norms.  In addition, Venus and the Moon in Aquarius in 12th house indicate a strong subconscious need to exchange these random, radical and sometimes anti-social truths and not be bound by conventional rules of polite behaviour.  

Pete Bennett's AspectsYet, the triple conjunction of Saturn, Mars, Pluto, in Libra on the cusp of 8th house acts as a social policeman or even camp kommandant, a moral gatekeeper of the subconscious with strictly enforceable rules.  In my view, Tourettes is sometimes a rational solution of the sub-conscious to an impossible inner contradiction.  In this case the opposing conscious and sub-conscious forces are a wish to please others and a disciplined urge to behave well trying to contain an uncompromising need to speak the truth without recourse to any rules.

The Neptunian element also comes out in positive ways.  Pete is now a rock n roll singer.  Before rocketing to fame, when transiting Pluto first moved over his Midheaven and then Neptune, (as it is still doing) Pete had a dream that he would be on Big Brother and that he would win. 

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