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Summer 2005. Events prevent a chance to make poverty history.
Bush, Blair and Chirac much affected as they cross Astro*Carto*Graphy lines.
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Making poverty history may now be history

June 2005: Cornered by Chirac, Blair raises the vexed issue of farm subsidies.

In 2005, Blair is moving out of some very difficult transits. Saturn formed a grand cross at the bottom of his chart (IC) involving Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and his Chiron/Midheaven. This was most active in June 2005 when President Chirac (Sun/Moon Sagittarius) put pressure to force an EU debate on the British rebate. Blair fought back by questioning the heavy EU subsidies to farms that are no longer economically viable of which France is the major beneficiary.

July 2005: Blair too distracted from his Olympian Heights to the lows of the London Bomb tragedy

From the highs and boost of Singapore to the 7th July bomb tragedy in London, Blair was distracted. Gleneagles and the weeks to follow were preoccuppied with the ongoing 'crusade'.

Focus on eliminating poverty and starvation with Saturn in Cancer. Music as the means through a series of Quintiles

Chirac's timing was unfortunate. Saturn combining with the Sun in Cancer has put a world focus on poverty throughout Africa. While Europe and America protect domestic farmers, Africa cannot develop her agricultural economies. Africa has the capacity to be the bread and fruit basket of the world. The evolving world collective consciousness and action over poverty and starvation correlates with a series of subtle quintile and biquintile aspects between Pluto in Sagittarius, Saturn in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra. This symbolises a unique opportunity in global consciousness to bring fair trade into effect and eliminate poverty. The quintile (72) and bi-quintile (144) aspects (angles) also have a connection with music. Kepler who pioneered these aspects from the musical scale with the quintile the equivalent to an interval of a major third and the biquintile to a major sixth.

Photo: Arabella Buckworth 2005 flying into Heathrow

Singapore - a place for Tony to schmooze

So the controlled stress of May and June showed up in Blair's press conferences as well as his horoscope. Things were changing in July. However, his success in Singapore was more connected with his Astro*Carto*Graphy lines than with his transits. With his Sun Midheaven and Moon Descending line going through Singapore, Blair was bound to both inspire confidence in his country and make the necessary personal connections with the IOC delegates. On your Sun line - as George Bush found in Texas - you can be a hero.

Tony back to the crusade on his Mars Jupiter line.

Back in Scotland - near his birth place, Edinburgh, Tony Blair is on his Mars/Jupiter Ascending Lines. The meeting reignited his crusade against world poverty and uniting the world on fuel emission control. However, a fiery Mars in Aries opposite Jupiter and square the Sun in Cancer, triggered off Tony's chart (Venus, Uranus and Chiron T square) in a shocking way with the London bombs from 8.50amon 7th July onwards.

Gleneagles is a sensitive but confusing zone for GWB

Bush is now exactly on his Neptune rising line. This line brings out compassion and maybe he will be deeply moved by the plight of poverty and victims of terrorism here. It is about merging and symbolises oil (among other entitities) - I would expect him to be compliant towards the consensus of opinion among the 12 other world leaders. Neptune is also about confusion and on the Ascendant can cloud judgement of - so it comes as no surprise that he collided with a policeman on his mountain bike!

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