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Solar Eclipse & Stellium in Sagittarius [Nov. 2003]
Solar Eclipse in southern hemisphere as North eclipses South [just] for the first time.
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Swing Low, sweet chariot ...
an upside down world on the Solar Eclipse

Johny Wilkinson - Gemini with 7 planets in fixed signs22-23rd November, Sydney - Fortunes reversed with the first ever win of the Rugby Union World Cup by a northern hemisphere nation [England], over a weekend of a solar eclipse. The eclipse path of exactitude went over Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctic. Was the symbolism of the eclipse paralleled by events with a reversal of a pattern on the field of dreams? Eclipses can do that. Charles and Diana's divorce was announced on a solar eclipse but the question remains - did her death eclipse his life or did he eclipse her by living on?

Besides the excitement of a very close and extended final match and the eclipse, we [Equinox] are also launching our new southern hemisphere lunar calendar. Did you know that the shape of the Moon is reversed in the southern hemisphere to the north? To discover more and get your own southern or northern hemisphere calendar graphically depicting the difference or depicting the moon as you see it... Moon Calendar.

World's best player [Tiger Woods of rugby] and main scorer, Jonny Wilkinson [pictured above: 25 May 1979 - time unknown. Sun Gemini and a stellium in Taurus] rose to the Sagittarian planetary line-up. With a strong emphasis on fixed signs plus Saturn in Virgo, he has the patience to practice his kicking for hours until he reaches perfection and to deliver calmly and solidly at big occasions.

also happening earlier this month [Nov. 2003]...
Harmonic Convergence, Harmonic Concordance or Moronic Disturbance

Classic Astrocartography Examples World Astro*Carto*Graphy Study for George Bush: 5 key regions: fundamentalism cuts both ways... forecast of rowdy reception in Sydney materialises as Bush is heckled in the Australian Parliament ... GWB Neptune over the UK - was Tony Blair able to see the Bush from the trees?

Harmonic Convergence or planetary spin? Is the Harmonic Convergence a shift in consciousness or just more planetary spin?

Arnold elected in the Void Moon!The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger's election in the void indicates his tenure will not be as expected.

Boys from Brazil - Nature v Nurture DebateLatest cloning research confirms that we are more than the sum of our genes.

New Age Exhibitions around the world New Age Festivals around the world coming up in 2004, London, Manchester, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Sydney, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Melbourne.
What really happened when Mars was the closest point to the Earth for 73,000 years in the long hot (European) Summer of 2003?

Festival of Mind Body & SpiritLondon's Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, the world's premier new age show, now faces its Saturn Return.

The Libra Effect: how psychic ability is enhanced at certain times.

United Astrology Conference News and photos of the United Astrology Conference in Orlando [July 2002].

In honour of Sydney Omarr (1926 - 2002) - celebrated US sun sign astrology columnist.

Life of Carole Golder, Astrologer The life of Carole Golder, astrologer known by millions through her writing.

European Stats and AstrologyAn official European Statistical Survey revealed that a majority of Europeans consider astrology as a science.

Serendipity - the movie about destiny Serendipity - a great movie with a powerful message about fate and destiny dressed up in a simple, predictable, romantic tale.
Usama's Birth Chart Usama (or Osama) Bin Laden's birth data has been a shrouded in mystery. Now, a reliable source points to a date that suggests UBL is a Leo and is contra-receptive, single-minded and self-destructive?
Rob Hand Astrologer The Boston Phoenix ran an article on astrologers who predicted the September 11th Terrorist attack which included the work of Rob Hand and Lynne Palmer...
Sceptics rehash old research to spin a bored press.

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