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Sedna, Uranus, the Tsunami and the Hurricanes
Was the destructive tidal wave and the spate of hurricanes connected with the recent discovery of Sedna?
Or was it simply down to more phenomena connected with Uranus in Pisces?
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"Planet Sedna" named after the Inuit oceanic goddess versus Neptune, Roman god of the Sea

Could the recent discovery of this small object in outer space have links with Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina or is this about Uranus in watery Pisces?

  • The Indian Ocean Tsunami seems like an exceptional isolated tragic event. However, it now appears that the Tsunami was part of a series of extreme maritime disasters. In the Caribbean and southern USA, 2004 was thought to have been the year of super hurricanes, most notably Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. Now we have Katrina whose damage appears to be the equivalent of all 4 hurricanes and has left over one million homeless. (Initial estimates of the damage are set at around US$37 billion). The question remains - are these terrible events resonating with the mythological themes of Sedna or is it part of Uranus (chaos) in Pisces (ruling the oceans)?
  • Given the astrological significators for Hurricane Katrina, I feel that this is more about Uranus in Pisces than new planetary hype. Uranus in Pisces was very significant at the time hurricane Katrina hit - 29 August 2005 6.30am - being opposite the Sun and Mercury was opposite Neptune (aka Poseidon the ruler of Pisces and of the ocean), However, it is still worth exploring the possibility of the background influence of Sedna.
  • The myth of Sedna describes the fate of a beautiful woman, with both self-delusion, rejection of her own clan, deception, false loyalty and family (paternal) betrayal, vengeful and stormy seas. This tale appears to include qualities of what we would ascribe to all three outer planets. It echoes the story of Fiddler on the Roof though without the resolution of the conflict of love versus tradition.
  • So following the myth, the planet Sedna should manifest as stormy and vengeful seas or stormy divisions within families and cultures among other possibilities.
  • Symbolic events & changing consciousness following a planetary discovery. In the years following the discovery of a new planet (November 2003 - NASA announcement March 2004), events and trends occur that symbolize the nature of the planet on our consciousness. For example, the discovery of Uranus heralded an age of enlightenment, invention and the French and American Revolutions. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and deemed to rule freedom, independence, equality, electricity and democracy among other qualities.
  • Another possible manifestation of Sedna is tragic family rifts (especially father/daughter) over marriage. In recent times in the UK and some Moslem countries, there has been much press coverage about cases where a Moslem father has reacted violently to their westernized daughter's rejection of their arranged marriages. There have been cases of family ostracisation and even murder of the daughter (termed as 'honour killings'). In a way this tragic family dilemma parallels the motives of the fundamentalist terrorist. In both cases there is an extreme, violent even self-destructive rejection of the dominance of western values in their culture and religion. So does the announcement of the discovery of Sedna so close to the Madrid bombings have any connection? And does the fact that the vast majority of those hit by the tsunami are moslem have any significance?
  • Global compassion rises above xenophobia. Sedna being so distant from Earth and slow to move through the zodiac, is bound to have a very general effect on our planet. Is the communal nature of this recent tragedy affecting at least 11 countries directly, plus many northern europeans and other tourists saying something about our shared humanity? Is Sedna reminding us that it is time to put aside cultural and religious barriers?
  • Debbie Frank, astrologer for the Daily and Sunday Mirror commented that while 9/11 hit a small group of powerful individuals high up in all senses, most people hit by the tidal wave were very poor and down low in every sense. She feels that the tidal wave will bring a wave of love in response. Certainly the global generosity has been overwhelming.
  • There are, of course, astrological significators. Frankly, Sedna is not highlighted significantly now as one might expect. It is square to Neptune - the other god of the ocean and both planets in fixed signs at a stressful angle parallel the build up of stress along two fixed tectonic plates especially in the past 60 years.
  • But the other key planets Saturn and Chiron are opposite and exactly rising and setting above the epicenter at the time of the earthquake. For an analysis of the Astro*Carto*Graphy map go to It analyses why the death toll hit human beings so heavily while animals (ruled by Chiron) avoided being swept up. To add to this tragic line-up, Uranus (chaos and unpredictability) in the sign of the ocean Pisces which at the time was at a stressful square angle to Mars.
  • Just got an interesting email from Jessica Adams, astrologer, author and friend. Her Astrodiary Blog has some great up-to-the-minute astro and esoteric insight. Once again, she was on the button with her blog posted on Christmas Eve comparing the Capricorn-Cancer Full Moon (combined with the Chiron-Saturn opposition) on 26th December (known as 'Boxing' Day in the UK and Australia) to D-Day - a dramatic wave of change along a coastline. She writes about
    "a time of internal or external conflict ... intense internal wrangling ... extraordinary changes can come out of this. ... Boxing day is key!"
    On 16th December in relation to Uranus in Pisces ...
    "A whole lot of shaking is going on this December. Not to mention a whole lot of wobbling on the spot. An unexpected event (the equivalent of a giant hand shaking up the snowdome of your life, or a huge lightning bolt suddenly hitting your cornflakes) may do the deed, even if an Aquarian type does not." "The chaos is spot on." was the response from a lady whose Taurean son had lost everything in the Tsunami in India ..
  • The name Sedna though Inuit in origin is quite similar to Tsunami - Japanese for wave-harbour. Could this be significant - probably not?
  • More about Sedna - general planetary/astro observations and a news article about the discovery.
  • I am glad to see that our News Page is being read by the press - The Guardian (UK national newspaper 6th January 2005). See article.
  • Astrologer Philip Sedgewick has emailed to add an interesting contribution:
    "While I appreciate the comments on your site about Sedna and the recent tsunami, the Trans-Neptunian Objects Varuna and Deucalion both specifically deal with flooding mythologies. It would be nice for those elements to be added."
    Philip publishes an electronic newsletter, The Galactic Times. He authored The Astrology of Transcendence, The Astrology of Deep Space, The Sun at the Center. He compiled The Galactic Ephemeris of over 8,700 deep space objects and ephemerides for the Centaur and Kuiper Belt objects.
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