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Kepler - Google DoodleGoogle Doodle to celebrate Kepler's 442nd birthday.
Johannes Kepler (27 Dec 1571 – 1630) was an astrologer, astronomer and mathematician. Historian, John North claims ‘had he not been an astrologer he would very probably have failed to produce his planetary astronomy in the form that we have it.’ However, Kepler’s views on astrology were ambivalent... [more]

Oh dear! A few astronomers are still confusing the twelve 30° Signs of the Zodiac with the Constellations of the Zodiac!

Here's a quote from Scientific American:

"One of the differences between astronomy and astrology is that astronomy uses the current positions of the sun and planets in the sky, while astrology uses historical positions which have been out-of-date for thousands of years."
To anyone who knows what astrology is, this is plainly nonsense. Journalists should not write about subjects they don't understand, but before publishing criticism, they should do some fact checking. I have posted a detailed response to Scientific American and on other websites where this article has been recycled - but so far I have had no correction from the author. (If you agree with or like my first post March 21 at 11.10 - on - please click like underneath on ~Robert Currey
10,000 ton meterorite impacts the Earth and a massive Asteroid passes inside the Earth's geosynchronous orbital ring on 15 Feb.
Ben Franklin"Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.
~ Benjamin Franklin (Fay 1929)

Computer genius entrepreneurs of 1955

Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs's biographer describes his magical thinking and his ability to connect poetry and artistry to technology. In an interview with the BBC Isaacson describes an "attention within him between the alternative, hippyish, romantic, poetic, new age guy and the scientific technology guy." What drives this combination in Steve Jobs's chart?
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tim Berners-Lee and others were all born within 12 months (1955). Why?
Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers accounts for this phenomenon with developments in computers that streamlined software programming in the late '60s. Gladwell is persuasive, but why did the graph of computer geniuses spike between Nov 1954 to Oct 1955? [see article]
Biography Charles Harvey (1940 - 2000) - one of the most inspiring and influential astrologers of the late 20th century.

Radical new theory from microbiologist, Dr Andruli attempts to explain the origin, evolution and nature of life in the Universe. His challenge to conventional wisdom has ruffled a few feathers. Here's a review from Science Daily that has since been taken down - perhaps for reporting too even-handedly.
Is Astrology Divination? Can Astrology be labelled as Divination? The question might as easily be: Can astrology be labelled under any term? Astrology is one of the most difficult fields to classify. It does not fit neatly into religion or psychology or philosophy or therapy or science or divination, but overlaps in all those fields. Astrologers cannot agree if it is an art or a craft. Divination is a part of astrology, but does this term describe the entire field of astrology?
New astrology oriented movie: Five Star Day. One man's journey to disprove astrology leads him to find three people born at the same time and place: his time twins.

Just over three thousand years ago, the Babylonians conducted empirical research into astrology that lasted over a thousand years. In a materialistic sense, they had even less idea what they were recording than we know today. Yet, they meticulously built up a database of planetary and stellar movements and positions, market prices, water levels, weather, earthquakes, political or unusual events.

When I read that these ancient stargazers (wise men) warned the Mesopotamian King if ever there was a halo around the Moon - I smiled - how primitive! - it's nothing more than the refraction of moonlight passing through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

But then late last evening, I was stunned by the sight of Jupiter next to a bright almost full Moon in the night sky surrounded by a large clear circle. I sensed that I should have more respect for their science and not limit myself entirely to the simplest superficial explanation without considering wider and deeper implications as well.

~Robert Currey

[Photo credit to Timo Kuhmonen. The camera in my phone could not do justice to the view. Also thanks to Joanne Alison for her Babylonian input.]

What is a Blue Moon?What is a Blue Moon? Is there any astrological significance? The next Blue Moon is July 2015 . Why is 21 August 2013 Leo/Aquarius Full Moon significant?

Obama's Horoscope For more on Barack Obama's Horoscope and why he has connections with places like Cairo and problems in DC. Obama's Astro*Carto*Graphy map.

Did J K Rowling practise astrology?

How J K Rowling practised astrology while writing her first Harry Potter book.A horoscope prepared for the son of a friend has been put up for sale for £25,000. Astrology appears to be the basis of JKR's characterization. Harry was born with a Leo sun sign (like Rowling), Hemoine Virgo and Ron under the sign of Pisces. More
A statistical anomaly for Scorpios
in the Sunday Times 2013 Rich List
Sunday Times Rich List Analysis of the birth signs of the richest thousand British citizens shows an even distribution that would be expected by astrologers due to the diverse fields of occupation. However, the results for one sign, Scorpio shows a significantly low number of subjects in the top levels. However, it would be wrong to conclude that Scorpios do not make the super-rich. It falls in line with a classic astrological interpretation the secretive nature of the sign of Scorpio. They are generally inclined to hide their assets when it comes to published largely self-declared lists.

Pope Francis I: habemas horum

Francis 1 Birth Certificate We now have a time of birth for the new Pope Francis I. Sun in Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius and Cancer Asc. from his birth certificate.

With the stellium of planets in Pisces could this herald the end of an Age?
Is Francis part of prophecies of a 12th century Irish Priest, St Malachy? 

Interview with Karen Chiarello at the Equinox stand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney

Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis.
When a popular physicist on a BBC TV science series claims that 'astrology was complete rubbish' without a shred of evidence, it's time to set the record straight. Here's my response ...

Was Kepler a sceptic or an astrologer or both?
Johannes Kepler, (1571 -1630) German astrologer, astronomer and mathematician is best known for his Laws of Planetary Motion. Though some claim that his practice of astrology was to 'pay the bills' or that he was a rational sceptic who wished to demolish astrology, new evidence shows that Kepler was a sceptical astrologer who had a deep personal interest in astrology and enhanced astrology by adding 3 new aspects (angles).

Philosophers who refused to look through Galileo's telescope
Critics of astrology often feel there is no need to examine the evidence or do any empirical study. This is similar to the philosophy professors who refused to look through Galileo's telescope as they feared seeing evidence that would undermine their world-view.

Problems with testing astrological practice under strict scientific methods
A popular myth repeated in websites is that astrology has failed in 'thousands of tests'. In fact, there is not one valid scientific test where astrology has not shown positive results.

Why Randi cannot be trusted to be impartial.
A sceptic recently suggested that I attempt to claim the million dollar prize offered by James Randi ‘Educational’ Foundation for showing evidence of powers that cannot be explained by known scientific laws. Here's one very good reason why I would not consider it...

How and why astrology became outcast from mainstream thinking.
Why isn’t astrology part of the mainstream thought and education? Why are so many, otherwise rational people so irrational in condemning it? Over 500 years astrology moved from being central to the academic system to being outcast from mainstream thinking. It comes down to the history of astrology and how slow astrologers have been to adapt to the crises caused by advances in our knowledge and philosophy. [more ...]

Bias can infect even top scientists and journals.
I was taught that the scientific process started with a question which was then researched. Then a hypothesis was constructed and tested with an experiment. The data was then analyzed and a conclusion reached. Many top scientists seem to feel that they can bypass this method in fields like astrology at which they are not experts. How serious is this lapse of professionalism and does this negligence go to the very top?

Sunday Times article on Percy Seymour's new Book Scientific Proof of Astrology.
The Sunday Times Science Editor reviews Percy Seymour's book under the heading "The Planets may control your future after all". The heading shows a common misunderstanding of astrology, but the article is very interesting.

Social and Anti-Social Networking. more ...
Chart Wheel for founding of Facebook [Time unknown]

Facebook founded Feb 4, 2004 when the Sun was conjunct Neptune in Aquarius [☉☌♆♒].

Robert Currey, D.F.Astrol.S. Cert.A*C*G Int.
Robert Currey (b. 24 Sept 1955) is a British astrologer, writer, lecturer, software designer and programmer and retailer. He founded Equinox in 1981.

Was CSCIOP scientific and is CSI sceptical?

Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is the world's oldest and arguable largest sceptical organisation and publisher of the Skeptical Inquirer. The name CSICOP was a misnomer from the start. Scientific investigation was officially dropped early on. This was after the debacle when, to their consternation, their attempt to debunk psychologist, Michel Gauquelin replicated his results which favoured astrology. CSICOP's questionable methods and attempts to cover-up the evidence were exposed by a whistle-blower in their senior ranks. But CSICOP (now renamed CSI) has been behind other attempts to debunk astrology such as the Carlson Test (1985) and the work of CSICOP fellow Geoffrey Dean and others. more ...

Was Sibly's legendary USA chart wrong?

Wheel by Sibly
Arguably the chart most used by astrologers for the American Declaration of Independence is largely based on the horoscope drawn up by English astrologer and physician, Ebenezer Sibly (born 1751). However, it is clear that his original chart is quite different from the charts used by astrologers with Sagittarius Rising. Why?
4th July 1776. Why do some mundane astrologers consider the time on this image to be significant?
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