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Single Dimension of Twitter or Multi-Dimensional Facebook

Though Twitter has several advantages over Facebook, it lacks the many dimensions to Facebook. For example, before clicking on a link in FB, you can get a synopsis of the article you are about to read or an impression of the photo album or video you are about to view. In Twitter, an interesting sounding link can turn out to be a sales scheme. But sooner or later, a user can get to know trusted and authoritative sources. One of the best features of Facebook is seeing friend's photo albums from holidays, parties or just great photos. Twitter works for one photo image per tweet unless you use Picasa or flickr albums.

Zuckerberg's Dilemma

Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook has had a Twitter account since February 2009. He has been quite open in his admiration of this rival network and is happy to assimilate some of Twitter's features. As I see it Zuckerburg has quest to solve two big problems that beset Facebook:
  1. Finding a way to monetize FaceBook. Ok Google found a brilliant solution without compromising the service. FB will be under increasing pressure to profit from the huge user base. The problem for Facebook and to a lesser extent, Twitter is that the Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces are more inspired by higher visions than the 'dirty business' of making money.
  2. FB has a fundamental design flaw. Over time, people accumulate friends. When a user has more than 200 friends, it is impossible to keep track of all postings, photos, quizzes, gifts, music, links and videos, let alone to respond. But as this is a friendly Neptune in Aquarius world, you can't remove a friend without causing upset and offence and it can be awkward refusing requests for friendship. In real life, you naturally lose contact with friends as your life moves on and you meet more friends. But this is not real life.

    Facebook have given users the option to 'block' friends without them knowing. Eventually, they will notice that you no longer respond to their posts. All this is very Neptunian. So instead of an intimate community of friends, FB becomes more like the detached world of Twitter but masquerading as intimacy. Maybe if 'friends' have not made any comments, messages, 'likes' or written on each other's wall for a year, the friendship should lapse or require reconnection. Or maybe people can have different levels of posts - close friends and all friends. This reflects real life.

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Chaos of 2009 Facebook 'update'.
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