Chaotic changes on Farcebook
How Facebook misjudged their October 2009 'upgrade'.
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What was the test audience on to give FB the thumbs up to roll out this hybrid to 300 million users?
Facebook's Suggestions now remind me of a matriarch who thought she knew me better than I knew myself.
  • Add as a friend this person you seem to have avoided the last 200 impressions?
  • Help out this friend who has too few friends. Maybe he doesn't want them?
  • Maybe it's time you became a fan of Alcoholics Anonymous, like your friends?
  • Your friend needs a profile picture. I can upload a nice snap of Mr H Lecter instead?
  • Why not become friends with your friend's relatives? - as if your own aren't bad enough! (thanks Linda R for that suggestion)
  • Do you want to become a fan of the new kid on the block? Friend, maybe. Fan, no.
  • Why don't you reconnect with your ex? Huh!
News Feed is like seeing random clips from a movie or Live Feed is like seeing the whole movie plus all the uncut clips and interviews.
News Feed View Live Feed
  • News Feed is the pick of what Facebook thinks I want to see in their order. OK if you have lots of friends and only interact with a few.
  • Live Feed includes trivia in consecutive order such as every new friendship, gift, fan, profile change ...
  • Status Updates show no links, videos or pics.
  • My Feed just status updates, links, pics, videos, notes and my wall. Is that too much to ask?
But then, every time Facebook changes there's an uproar. Within a few months, maybe we will all be fighting to keep it this way!
For clarification on how to adjust your News Feed. This is helpful, but you are still reliant on other people clearing their clutter from your pages and as yet, there is no way around it!
Robert Currey
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The Astrology behind Facebook.
FaceBook launched when the Sun and Neptune were aligned. This combination accounts for their creative brilliance, but it can lead to misguided judgments in pursuit of an ideal. One astrologer, Eileen Nauman pointed out that Neptune is about to switch direction and go direct (4 November). This may be connected with the recent muddled 'upgrade'. Chart Wheel for founding of Facebook [Time unknown]
The sign of Aquarius is associated with social connections, friendships. Neptune in Aquarius has lowered boundaries and allowed people to merge and share parts of their lives - activities, interests, moods, personal photographs, history and taste to a wider community. more ...
Facebook founded Feb 4, 2004 when the Sun was conjunct Neptune in Aquarius [☉☌♆♒].
Twitter was launched Mar 1, 2006 when the Sun was conjunct Uranus in Pisces [☉☌♅♓].
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