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Increased seismic risk with Saturn and Uranus in opposition
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Written early in 2010: Increased Earthquake Risk: April - May 2010
Currently scientists are split on whether the extremely high level of seismic activity is connected or not. Some argue that this is another effect of global warming.

Without ruling out terrestrial effects, I have been writing about the astrological connection since March 2009: the alignment of two 'gas giants': Uranus and Saturn with the earthquakes. So far the correlation has been remarkable with a global increase in seismic activity exactly as predicted and corresponding with planets moving along the Saturn Virgo (& Libra)/Uranus Pisces axis.

This is not a case of retrospective astrology with the comfort of hindsight. The predictions made early in 2009 are recorded on my twitter account. [1 Oct 2009]

I have done a small amount of research into major earthquakes that affect human lives - this excludes huge quakes that occur in uninhabited land or under the sea that do not immediately affect large numbers of humans. On my small sample, a high frequency of aspects between Saturn and Uranus, Uranus in Capricorn or Saturn in Aquarius - which any astrologer will know are all similar energies - appear in the charts for these quakes. This is more of an intuitive leap and serious research is needed to draw any conclusions.

27 February 2010 03:34 local time off Santiago. So far this quake also fits the pattern with both Saturn (at the Midheaven) opposite Uranus (close the IC). Both planets are a strong influence on the chart of the quake at the epicenter. This is best shown on an extract from the Astro*Carto*Graphy map set for the time of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile. However, Saturn/Capricorn and Uranus/Aquarius can be strong in a chart for a quake even though it does not show up on an A*C*G map.

I have yet to study the chart for this earthquake in more detail. Thanks to astrologer, Kathryn Cassidy for alerting me to this and other interesting quake information on her blog.

I am not sure what to make of the Node line rising at the epicenter. Maybe there is a connection with Monday's New Moon and the recent Eclipses.

Haiti, 12 Jan 2010 21:53 GMT. Three days before the long solar eclipse in Capricorn, a 7.0 magnitude quake occurred off the coast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Saturn and Uranus were too far apart [11] and in different signs to be considered in opposition. However, there was a strong Saturnian influence: Sun, Mercury and Venus were in Capricorn, Mercury was square Saturn on the IC and the Uranian influence was strong: Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Uranus was sextile the Sun and Venus. Using my astro-seismic formula, the quake has a value of 25. This number was higher for the aftershocks at the time of the Eclipse. Other factors like Saturn was about to station and turn retrograde and the Eclipse may have been influential.

This quake was less significant for its power, but more for the devastating effects with the epicenter close to a large city with very poor housing and facilities. The event shows up signifcantly in the natal chart for Haiti Independence (Jan 1 1804). Transiting Pluto was on the Natal Mars/Chiron - giving potential for devastating wounding and death square to Saturn on Haiti's Saturn in Libra - signifying the structural damage and the collapse of leadership.
Volcanoes & Pluto. It is arguable that while earthquakes respond to Saturn/Uranus, volcanoes with magma coming from underground could be in the realm of Pluto. So it is interesting that the increased volcanic activity comes when Pluto squares the Sun while it is in orb of the Saturn/Uranus opposition forming a T square.

Log of EarthquakeTweets during 2009 from RobertCurrey

@KaliWright There's more stress around with planetary line up (Uranus, Saturn & planets in Virgo). It should wind down from 17th to end Oct.
[Oct 10th]
@TheMermaidsSong Thanks. So lots of small quakes in CA. World-wide 9,10,13-16 Oct are critical dates, then eases off until April-May 2010.
[Oct 9th]
Earthquake frequency has risen as Mercury conjoins Saturn opp Uranus as tweeted lst wk. In last 16 hours 8 quakes > 6m!
[Oct 8th]
@niccho RT "Do you believe there's a correlation between recent seismic activity on Earth & planetary activity?" Yes ->
[Oct 2nd] from web in reply to niccho
Earthquakes > 5mag: Thu:14 quakes [avg 5.29] in 4 regions. Wed:24 quakes [avg 5.3] in 6 regions. Tue:17 quakes [avg 5.78] in 3 regions.
[Oct 2nd]
So far today, 7 'quakes inc. Central CA [5.1]. IMO stress continues into next week as Mercury crosses Saturn/Uranus axis.
[Oct 1st]
Multiple earthquakes: RT @Giuliettaspeaks "Maybe the Earth's had enough" I hope not but I am open to any suggestions.
[Sep 30th]
Geophysical & psychological stress of Saturn opposite Uranus will start to ease from 17 to 29 Oct as planets leave Virgo (until April 2010).
[Sep 30th]
Scientists cannot agree if the current heavy seismic activity is connected or random coincidence. The link may lie in the solar system.
[Sep 30th]
Within the last 24 hours there have been 13 earthquakes over 5m on Richter scale in 6 regions on the Pacific Rim. Why? [Sep 30th]
@cafemercury Agreed! Saturn opposite Uranus is linked with a lot of stress now. I did 2 consultations about it today. [Sep 30th]

@Vidubo (=astrologer, Vivienne DuBourdieu) Like many country charts that start 1st Jan at midnight, Samoa is being hit with Pluto IC, Saturn near Asc & Uranus soon to hit Desc
[Sep 30th]
Interesting coincidence! Samoans switched to driving on left as Mercury went retrograde on 7 Sept & quake occurs as Mercury turns direct.
[Sep 30th]
Samoan quake [8.2] 17:48 GMT yesterday as Mercury stations on Saturn opposite Uranus in line with expectations tweeted before.
[Sep 30th]
More volcanic activity inc 6 volcanoes erupting in Russia! Fits Saturn/Uranus stress pattern as forecast
[Sep 23rd] [Source Earthalert and]
In past 30 days there's been 293 earthquakes registering 4.0 on Richter scale or higher. 10 of the quakes registered > 6.0
[Sept 23rd] [Source Earthalert and]
Since Java earthquake 2 Sept, several quakes: Albania [5.5], Venezuela [6.3], Bali [5.5] & w.China [5.1] coincided with Saturn opp. Uranus.
[Sep 19th]
Jakarta Quake [7.0] is in line with predictions tweeted in May Saturn opposes Uranus (peak:Sep 15) & now forms Grand Cross
[Sep 3rd]
Powerful earthquake off coast of Honduras [7.1] yesterday. For the astrological background behind the quake pattern:
[29th May]
Yet, another Earthquake! This time flu-ridden central Mexico [5.7]. If you're wondering why so many quakes just now, see
[May 22nd]
Moderate Earthquake [5.0] in LA connected with Saturn turning direct, closing in to oppose Uranus in Pisces September=Peak
[May 18th]
Quake risk predicted up in April up to Oct due planet line up [see my tweet March 31]. So far Indonesia, Italy, Hawaii, Afghanistan & more.
[Apr 17th]
Italian quake[6.5] is relatively small but significant as it affects people. Part of the Saturn/Uranus tension mentioned in earlier tweets.
[Apr 6th]

Earthquake in Indonesia [6.5] today fits with astrological stress pattern resulting in high seismic risk anticipated in last month's tweets.
[Apr 3rd]
@starcats alerted me to a quake [4.3m] in San Jose. I agree with her intuition that risk of significant seismic activity is increasing.
[Mar 30th]
Major earthquakes frequently occur when Saturn is working against Uranus as occurs in April (with Mars) & right up to end Oct 2009.
2:02 PM Mar 30th from web
When Uranus (urge to break free) is challenged by Saturn (urge to keep structure), people feel stress & the risk of earthquakes increases.
1:55 PM Mar 30th from web
Over the weekend, I met many people stressed by the 2008/9 Saturn Uranus opposition - the urge to break loose versus the duty of help.
11:43 AM Mar 29th from web [2009}

Robert Currey

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Update Feb 16 2012 from danielofdoriaa on YouTube. Thanks to astrologer, Marguerite Hafeman for identifying it.
This video is interesting. On all the critical dates listed, the planet Uranus (connected with earthquakes) was either conjunct or opposite a planet. Usually this was in addition to Saturn which was locked in an opposition to Uranus from 2009 to 2011. While Uranus is aspecting inner planets (Sun, Mercury and the Moon), Saturn is not forming any significant aspects on March 22 2012.

One criticism I have is that while the Chilean earthquake (8.8 mag.) and the Japanese quake (9 mag) - which preceded the Japanese Tsunami were huge and significant, the Fiji (7 mag.) and New Zealand (7.7 mag) quakes were not especially significant in terms of size. However, all these quakes did have a strong impact on human lives.

The rest of my comments on this page were based on following a series of quakes during 2009 and 2010 - the video above confirms the pattern identified.

How it works: Even if you know nothing about astrology, the mechanics are simple. Two gas giant planets, Saturn and Uranus are aligned so that the Earth is in the middle. This is known in astrology as an opposition and with these planets correlates with stress in human beings.

    Dates when Saturn and Uranus exactly align:
  • Nov 4 2008 18Virgo
  • Feb 6 2009 20VI
  • Sep 15 2009 24VI
  • Apr 26 2010 28VI
  • Jul 26 2010 0Libra
It appears increased seismic activity may be triggered when faster moving inner planets such as Mercury move across this axis when the Saturn and Uranus remain in close alignment. This occurs around 26 April 2010 with Jupiter and during the month of July 2010 with Mars and later Venus. I aniticipate a higher frequency of earthquakes in the the weeks leading up to these dates and afterwards.


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Is the increased volcanic and seismic activity down to global warming or a connected with the current planetary line-up?

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