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Liz Greene, has been described as the Astrologer's astrologer.

Liz Greene, astrologer
As a qualified Jungian analyst, Liz Greene's work has successfully combined Jung's theories with astrology. In 2010, she was awarded a Ph.D from the University of Bristol for her dissertation on the Kabbalah.

Liz Greene is also director of the Centre for Psychological Astrology and a patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, both based in London and runs seminars around the world.

Liz Greene is perhaps most well known as an author.

She is a highly successful author with number of classic astrology titles and personal Psychological reports.
    Dr Greene's titles include:
  • Saturn,
  • Relating,
  • Astrology for Lovers,
  • The Outer Planets,
  • TheJupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures (with Stephen Arroyo),
  • TheAstrology of Fate,
  • The Mythic Tarot (with Juliet Sharman-Burke),
  • The Development of the Personality (four volumes, with Howard Sasportas),
  • Dynamics of the Unconscious (with Howard Sasportas),
  • The Luminaries (with Howard Sasportas),
  • The Inner Planets (also with Howard Sasportas),
  • Neptune - the quest for the redeemer,
and a number of other works. To order Liz's books
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