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Robert Hand, the eminent Astrologer & Author

Robert Hand (1942) is one of the world's most famous astrologers.   Now you can gain from the wisdom and accumulated knowledge of this legendary astrologer with a personal analysis of your year ahead.

Rob Hand is the author of many classic astrological titles, including the best-selling Planets in Transit, Planets in Youth, Planets in Composite, and Horoscope Symbols.   His approach to astrology is that of a philosopher and humanist.   Besides being a gifted writer, he is also an expert computer programmer.

Robert Hand is renowned for his pioneering work into new astrological techniques including the Composite chart and research.   He is a patron of the London Faculty of Astrological Studies.   Currently he is highly involved in Project Hindsight as an editor, translator and publisher of ancient astrological writings.

Rob Hand lectures all over the world and lives on Cape Cod in the USA.   He was one of the principal speakers at the United Astrology Congress in Atlanta, GA in 1998 and Orlando, FL in 2002.

Do you control your life or does it control you?

What's happening in your life just now?   What will next year bring?   Perhaps you've had the feeling that life seems to follow its own path.   Sometimes you have had to struggle in the face of great challenges.   Yet, at other times everything seems to go your way.   Sometimes one big crisis just seems to follow another.   And then again there are times when you are blessed with good fortune.   What lies behind this apparently inexplicable pattern?   Rob Hand's Transits of the Year sheds light on the mystery of time and destiny.

How Transits work

Transits of the Year draws on the transits (movements) of the actual planets in the sky over key points in your natal chart.   The Analysis developed by Astro*Intelligence shows how these transits influence you personally and identifies what will unfold to become the major themes and topics during the coming twelve months.   Understanding your transits can help you to cope better with crises and difficulties.   This knowledge enables you to make the most of the opportunities coming your way.

An Interpretation that is especially tailored to you

Robert Hand's Transits of the Year doesn't deal with all the transits occurring during one year.   Rather, it focuses on the most important ones - depending on the respective natal chart. Also, the interpretation of certain transits may vary according to your age, the presence or absence of certain factors in your natal chart and other transits happening at the same time.   The text is based on an adaptation of Rob Hand's masterpiece 'Planets in Transit'.

Ordering your 'Transits of the Year' Report

You can order your Transits of the Year for any twelve-month period of time.   The Report starts from the first day of the nearest month, unless you specify otherwise.

Transits of the Year, report based on your personal transits, author Robert Hand, 25 - 28 pages A4. Perfect bound. Click on the button below for prices in different currencies.

These Astro*Intelligence Reports are available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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