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Harry Potter and R.A.B.
Theories about the final book in J K Rowling's Series
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Theories about Harry Potter and the 7th and final book.
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This article was written before the publication of the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and anticipates the plot.
We are left at the end of Harry and the Half-Blood Prince with the following clue:

"To the Dark Lord
I know I will be dead long before you read this
but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.
I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can.
I face death in the hope that when you meet your match,
you will be mortal once more.
R. A. B."

Is R.A.B. Regulus Black, Sirius's younger brother? Why?
1. His note addresses the Dark Lord a term used by Death Eater's. Regulus was a Death Eater who turned on Voldemort and was eventually destroyed by him or his followers.
2. The Death Eaters knew about the Horcruxes as Voldemort said in the graveyard in GOF to his Death Eaters: "And I asked myself, but how could they have believed I would not rise again? They, who knew the steps I took, long ago, to guard myself against mortal death?"
3. Regulus's middle name could be Alphard - named after his uncle. Other wizard characters are named after same gender family names like Harry James Potter and Tom Marvolo Riddle.
4. A locket that nobody could open was found at 12 Grimmauld Place and was discarded. It is thought either Kreacher took it with other items (Horcruxes) or perhaps Mundungus stole it.
5. Regulus removed the Horcrux with Kreacher who being an elf with limited magical powers was able to join Regulus in the one-wizard boat, but two people were required to drink the poison liquid. Regulus wrote "I" have stolen the real Horcrux, because he didn't respect his accomplice as an elf enough to be credit him.
6. Voldemort in Book 4 says of his death eaters. "There are 6 missing death eaters, 3 are dead, one too cowardly to return - he will pay (Karkorff?), one who has left me - he will be killed (Regulus) one who remains my faithful servant - he will re-enter my service (Snape?)."
7. The writer of the clue had to be dead given the way the message was written. Regulus was meant to have died the same year as HP's parents died, which was 16 years before the message was read. Yet, the message suggests the writer was aware of the prophecy that Voldemort would meet his match. Since Harry could command Kreacher, there were no living relatives of Sirius (such as Regulus) who could inherit #12 Grimmauld Place.
8. Why did Harry inherit #12 Grimmauld Place and Kreacher if they weren't going to feature in the final book?

Is Snape is working for the light all along? Why?
1.Dumbledore trusted Snape. OK Dumbledore made big mistakes but he appeared to have had some cast-iron guarantee like an unbreakable vow.
2. Perhaps Dumbledore was dying of the poison and had instructed Snape beforehand to kill him so that Snape would gain the trust of the Death Eaters, who would lead him to Voldemort. For this same reason, Snape took the unbreakable vow to protect Malfoy.
3. Perhaps Dumbledore paralysed Harry under his invisibility cloak to stop him interfering in the plan and to protect Snape.
4. Dumbledore said "please Severus" - why would the most powerful wizard plead for his life?
5. Dumbledore was overheard arguing with Snape in the Hogwarts grounds - was this because Snape didn't want go along with Dumbledore's plan which involved killing him?
6. In the battles in the Tower, Snape never hurt Harry or his accomplices.
7. Snape owes a debt to Harry after James, Harry's father saved his life.

Most of these theories and many more are spelt out in great detail on web pages and web blogs.
Lily Potter aka Cousin GeraldineMy interest in Harry Potter came through my children. J K Rowling's books taught them to read. Their enthusiasm introduced me to these epic wizarding tales. Also in a strange way Harry is now a relative. I am proud to say that the beautiful actress, Geraldine Somerville who plays the short-lived but highly significant role of his mother, Lily Potter in the Harry Potter movies is a first cousin which makes Harry a cousin! .. well, sort of!
Bless you, Geraldine!

Robert Currey

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