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Sedna and Astrology
Will Sedna become part of mainstream astrology?
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"Planet Sedna" named after the inuit goddess of the sea

Sedna has been linked to the Asiatic Tidal Wave - here some other considerations.

  • Roy Gillette - President of the Astrological AssociationRoy Gillett, President of the Astrological Assocation of Great Britain, connected the discovery with Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius in mutual reception. Roy told me that the symbolism of this planetary pairing would be appropriate for the discovery of a planet that connects the domains of Uranus and Neptune. [Photo courtesy of astrologer Rick Levine]
  • Sedna is the first planet to be discovered from space.
  • Sceptics may wonder why a planet, named in a seemingly random way should be connected with the myth of the name. It is a mystery and fate seems to take part. Herschel named the new planet he discoverd, Georgium Sidum in honour of King George III. Later, it was known as Hershel's planet, until now when it is universally known as Uranus. The mythological sky god who fits in with the revolutionary and technological nature of the planet.
  • Astrologers expect new planets to be found as the Moon and the current 9 known planets rule 10 signs and leave 2 signs: Taurus, Virgo with co-rulers. This suggests that rulers for these signs are still to be discovered or allocated. The same occurred with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto who in the time after their discovery have been deemed by most astrologers to rule, Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio. Sedna is now in the sign of Taurus could the planet rule Taurus or is it too earthy for a sea goddess?
  • The first clue to the significance of the planet is from world-wide events - so far the Tsunami is one huge indicator. However, in order to identify relevance of this object in our lives, we must plot it on birth charts. Before that we need to calculate the orbital elements and period of this object and from this plot the position over many years in the past. This data can then be recorded in what astrologer's describe as an ephemeris table (or calculated by computer), and from this astrologers can test theories with correlations of 'Sedna' in many birth charts.
  • This testing also occurred with the planetoid or asteroid Chiron which orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus - where there is now a level of agreement among astrologers for the object to be included in most ephemeredes used by astrologers.
  • Given that there now appears to be a number of objects orbiting the Sun outside the orbit of Pluto, sceptics question whether NASA have hyped up the object to a planet status rather than an object in the Kuiper Belt order to get publicity surrounding the discovery and presumably credit and funding. However, recent events strengthen the case for planet status.
  • Other Possible Planets beyond Pluto
  • Varuna (2000) +/-900 km (560 miles) wide.
  • Ixion (2001) +/-1,065 km (660 miles) wide.
  • Quaoar (2002), +/-1,200km (745 miles) wide.
  • 2004 DW (2004) +/-1,800km (1,120 miles) wide (diameter).
  • new Some of my first thoughts about Sedna were published in the Yorkshire Post (UK) following NASA's announcement of the discovery in March 2004.

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