Horoscope of Louis de Wohl
Astrologer, Louis de Wohl
Astrologer recruited by British Intelligence to outwit Hitler.
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Astrologer, Louis de Wohl's (born Ludwig von Wohl) main claim to fame was his work for the British Government during the Second World War to second-guess and counter the work of Hitler's Astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft.
Read about the impact and life of Louis de Wohl and his rival secret military astrologer, Krafft ...
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Update 2014!

Since writing this series of articles on the background to the Secret Star Wars of World War II in 2008, the full story of Hitler's astrologer has been made into an award-winning dramatised screenplay by David Bryant Perkins. For some additional insights into the story and the key role of Rudolf Hess ... Your Personal Year Forecast gets the inside track. This booklet sets out dates that you can use to make the coming year successful and fulfilling.

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