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The EQUINOX range of Personal Horoscopes by astrologer Robert Currey offer the most understandable and practical horoscope interpretations available today.

For those interested in exploring the psychological dimension, the Psychological Horoscopes by astrologer Liz Greene offer profound insight. This includes her Vocational Horoscope. We also offer Forecasts by Rob Hand.

If you are wondering how moving to another part of the World can bring out a different side to your personality, browse through our Astro*Carto*Graphy site following the work of legendary locational astrologer Jim Lewis.

Our superb blue and silver 2015 Lunar Calendar (beautiful silk-screen finish) is ideal for wall mounting. Discover fascinating facts and myth about the Moon. Choose between Northern and Southern hemisphere moon calendars.

Our Shop (The Astrology Shop, Covent Garden, London) stocks one of the largest ranges of Astrological Book Titles in the world.

Birth Charts can be drawn up as beautiful colour wheel diagrams suitable for framing.

We're also happy to recommend consultant astrologers, plus links to other sites.

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