The Equinox Orrery - Overview

  • The Equinox Orrery enables you to work out the position of all the planets in the zodiacal signs.
  • The time is based on GMT (i.e. take 5 hours off the time for Eastern Standard Time).
  • This free birth chart calculation works for any location and any date between 1950-2050. As the place is not used, the ascendant and houses are not calculated.
  • Click here to start the Orrery or Click here to return home.
  • For example, besides natal chart details, the Orrery can answer questions like, where are the planets today, where were the planets when I was born, when is the next Full Moon (when the Sun and Moon are opposite) or work out when is the next New Moon? (when the Sun and Moon join). Alternatively, you can have an astrologer interpret the chart or display the 2008 Lunar Cycle or Moon's phases on your wall.

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