2009 Triple Conjunction in Aquarius
Inspired Growth in Technology, Science, Social Networking, Politics & Pandemics
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The impact of the Aquarian line up and technology The most significant astrological line up in 2009 is the rare triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.
Astrological Data: Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune first go into 1 orb on 14 May 2009. I calculate the peak period 21 - 29 May where the 3 planets are within 30 of arc. The line-up remarkably stays within 1 orb until 27 July. Jupiter and Neptune re-align at 24 Aquarius on December 21 but Chiron is 3 away. So it is still signficant.
Astrological Key: The sign of Aquarius is connected with information technology, social networking, scientific innovation, astrology and issues of personal freedom and prejudice. Jupiter: growth, expansion, international and cross cultural links. Neptune: merging, dreams, ideals, disease. Chiron: health and becoming whole, synthesis.

On a personal level the Aquarian triple conjunction is a great opportunity for expanding future plans to include what were once dreams and to encounter new friendships that lead to knowledge, compassion and healing. So much depends on the individual chart. On a world-wide level here are many manifestations of the line-up.

Synchronicity as Google & Microsoft simultaneously hype up their innovations into each other's home territories

The Aquarian stellium has manifested in many ways. Facebook is merging into Twitter's territory. (see social networking). Google and Microsoft are now invading each other's turf. At the peak of the planetary line-up on 28 May, both Google and Microsoft unveiled plans that might herald a new era of information technology and networking. Is this synchronicity or cunning astrological planning?
  • Microsoft's new 'search/decision' engine, Bing looks impressive especially in connection with travel or medical matters. Google's democratic approach of selecting the most popular sites, often results in the 'lowest common denominator'. For example, if you search under the word 'astrology', less than half the first ten sites listed are authored by real astrologers. Some include 'free daily horoscopes or Chinese astrology (which with respect to the practitioners is not astrology in the planetary sense, but more a system of divination closer to numerology) or skeptic sites written by people who have never studied astrology! (If you search under Chinese astrology or debunking astrology, then such sites should be of course show up in the results.) Microsoft claims Bing will prioritise the most authoritative sites. Clearly this is essential for medical sites, where Google cannot distinguish between an expert in the field and a crackpot who makes a lot of noise. Why not do this for astrology? Bing intends to simplify searches for goods and services like travel with price comparisons or people with photographs for confirmation. Watch out Google! I may start Binging people!
  • Almost simultaneously, Google announce Wave https://wave.google.com/ a 'new tool for communication and collaboration on the web'. The good news is that it will be an open-source development like Twitter allowing independent developers. This browser promises to transform email, instant messaging, conferencing, photograph sharing and social networking in one package!

Robert Currey
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Bundanoon, a small town in New South Wales, Australia has banned the sales of bottled water. July 2009 - When a local drinks company announced plans to tap an underground reservoir (aquifer) in the town, locals started to think about the environmental impact of bottled water. People will be encouraged to top up reusable containers from water fountains labelled 'Bundy on Tap'. The global revolution in discouraging the use of disposable plastic bags started from a small town in Tasmania. Maybe the same will happen with bottled water.

This potential global trend ties in neatly with the alignment of planets in Aquarius - the sign of the water carrier. The news comes with the Sun in Cancer connected with consumption. [BBC commentary]

Scientific Innovation: Periodic Table gets a new element #112 Ununbium (Latin one-one-two). Periodic TableThis chemical element was discovered in 1996 when Uranus first moved into Aquarius. Only now after independent verification has it been allowed to take its square on he most precious real estate in science. Chemical element #112 created by fusion experiments is artificial, invisible, unstable... very Neptune in Aquarius/Uranus in Pisces? Before entering the periodic table there is a quest to name what is provisionally known as Ununmbium. Personally, I like Aquarium: synchronous with Uranus/Neptune Aquarius/Pisces 11/12 house mix. However, scientific, astrologer, friend on Twitter (known only as @astrologerthe) suggests charonium or chironium or maybe to save this name for element #121. The preferred choice at the moment is to name it after Werner Heisenberg (of Uncertainty Principle fame) which would result in Heisenbergium - though I prefer, Heisenberger. [BBC report]
WiTricity: Here's a classic Aquarian break through invention: transmitting electricity through the air without cables. What next, anti-gravity devices or warp drives? WiTricity promises a cable, pylon, plug and battery free world.
Microsoft v. Google v. FaceBook v. Twitter
Buy this postcard from ZazzleJohn Battelle summed it up brilliantly (March 5, 2009) in his blog www.battellemedia.com accompanied by this great graphic:
You can buy the original postcard from Zazzle
"Microsoft, still the biggest company in the space, is obsessed with Google. Google is obsessed with Facebook. Facebook is obsessed with Twitter.
So what is Twitter obsessed with?!
At this point, my guess is - Twitter. ..."
~ John Battelle
In the 1980s, IBM looked enviously at Microsoft.

Bing v. Wave: Melting pot of merging information technology Just had an inspiring chat with talented astrologer, Laura BT [zodiac-heaven.blogspot.com] (who presented the Astrology Show on the UK's Channel 4) on this. First she questions whether an astrologer would advise launching a communication tool when Mercury is retrograde. I agree. I would not, but some astrologers do not pay great homage to Hermes skipping backwards. Second, she neatly spotted that the term Wave resonated with Neptune and Bing resounded with the "techno beeping" sign of Aquarius. Google's Wave is very Neptunian being about merging and sharing 'stuff' and Microsoft's Bing is very Aquarian being about extracting info with minimal extraneous bits.
Social and Anti-Social Networking. The triple conjuction provided the key astrological conditions for the development and outbreak of H1N1 virus as the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. These 3 planets have been fuelling Chart Wheel for founding of Facebook [Time unknown] the remarkable growth of social networking. The sign of Aquarius is associated with social connections, friendships. Neptune has lowered boundaries and allowed people to merge and share parts of their lives - activities, interests, moods, personal photographs, history and taste to a wider community. more ...

Obama and Middle East. Obama's speech in Cairo tuned into the Aquarian planetary line-up. Religious Miracles can happen. Ingrained prejudices can soften. Societies can strive for a utopian vision. Obama's Moon MC line runs over Cairo enabling him to draw on and highlight his remarkable life story, his Muslim ancestry and his name to connect with the people.

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