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UAC 2002, Orlando, FL
Memories of the United Astrology Conference [UAC]

Diana Stone, keynote speaker Diana Stone, launched UAC with a moving and inspiring keynote address entitled "Where are all the Unicorns?" Upstaging a rather predictable magic (as in conjuring magic) show, Diana enraptured the hall with her truly magical storytelling style.
Michael Lutin, astrologer Micheal Lutin, lecturing Micheal Lutin, keeping our feet on the ground and eyes heavenward... with grace and humour
... sorry photos from the back of the hall resulted in poor image quality ...
Rick Levine, questions whether John Gray's theories in Men are Mars and Women are from Venus enable men and women to become whole.
Ken Irving, astrologer
Ken Irving, brings Astro*Carto*Graphy home with compelling examples.

Magic (conjuring) show Diana Stone, astrologer - real magic! Ronnie Dreyer, Maria Kay Simms & David Cochrane at UAC 2002
David Cochrane [ISAR], Maria Kay Simms [NCGR] & Ronnie Gale Dreyer [AFAN] - representing the 3 sponsors of UAC: International Society for Astrological Research, National Council for Geocosmic Research and the Association For Astrological Networking.

ARC = Astrologers Registration & Communication Center

Behind the scenes, UAC is also about networking with key meetings like that of the ARC international delegates safeguarding the future of world-wide astrology.
ARC meeting
ARC meeting delegates: (Left to Right facing) Chris Turner [Australia], Angel Thompson [USA-AFAN], Baris Ilhan [Turkey], Meltem Ersoy [Turkey], Terumi Kondo [Japan], Akihiro Hatori [Japan], Jacob Schwartz [Ireland] - obscured by Jayj - Branka Stamenkovic [Serbia]. Facing back: Jayj Jacobs [USA], Mireille Martini [France], Slaven Slobodnjak [Croatia], Suzie Cox (USA),
ARC delegates
Jackob Schwarz [Ireland], Branka Stamenkovic [Serbia], Julianne Evans [Italy], Jayj Jacobs [USA], Mireille Martini [France], Slaven Slobodnjak [Croatia], Suzie Cox [USA], Chris Turner [Australia], Angel Thompson (USA). Facing back (right to left): Baris Ilhan [Turkey], Meltem Ersoy [Turkey], Terumi Kondo [Japan].
plus photographer not shown (!), Robert Currey [British Isles - Urania Trust]. International ARC delegates not shown in photo Verena Bachmann [Switzerland], Charlotte Bartelsen [Denmark], Donna van Toen [Canada], Diana Zoller [Canada], Melanie Reinhart [England] & Karen Moss [South Africa].
There's nothing quite like UAC on this planet. If you have never experienced UAC, you cannot really call yourself an astrologer. It can be dazzling, mind-boggling, and entertaining, but by the end astrology will never be the same again.
This year the numbers were down - perhaps 800 attendees compared to well over 1,000 in Atlanta in 1998. This may have been down to the choice of venue and the time of year. For international visitors, flights in the peak month of July cost almost double. And why pick Florida in July? According to Micheal Lutin: "Because hell was not available!" But somehow we coped in the air-conditioned halls of Orlando's Wyndham Palace. Being school holidays, I brought my 16 y.o. son Cosmo, who helped out and retraced his steps in Disney, ten years on.
Too many names to mention! Congratulations Lois Rodden, Nick Campion and Ronnie Gayle Dreyer and special thank you to Erin, Angel, Ken plus thanks to the UAC workers including Mikel, Charlotte, Jan, Warren, Rebeca, Jonathon plus the others I don't know so well. Not forgetting many dear friends & departed mentors mentioned and widely missed, notably, Charles Harvey and Jim Lewis.
Too many high points and great lectures to list! Apart from the four outstanding presentations in the left hand column.

Robert Currey, July 2002

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