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More Photos from UAC 2002, Orlando, FL
United Astrology Conference [UAC]
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United Astrology Conference News and more photos of the United Astrology Conference in Orlando (July 2002).

Diana Stone, keynote speaker Diana Stone, launched UAC with a moving and inspiring keynote address entitled "Where are all the Unicorns?" For more about UAC ...
What is ARC?

ARC follows a vision of Louise Huber (and other astrologers) that astrologers around the world should work together in the form of a network. UAC was the venue for one of the largest gatherings of international ARC delegates representing countries from 5 continents.

The ARC meetings at UAC were chaired by Angel Thompson and comments on astrology in various countries around the world were compiled into a full report by Branka Stamenkovic.

When I get time I will pass the most interesting bits to come out of these reports on this page.

ARC = Astrologers Registration & Communication Center

ARC delgates
ARC meeting delegates: (Left to Right) Robert Currey [British Isles, Urania Trust], name not known (please advise), Verena Bachmann [Switzerland], Suzie Cox [USA], Branka Stamenkovic [Serbia], (standing) Jayj Jacobs [USA], Angel Thompson (USA), names not known (please advise if you know them).
ARC delegates first meeting
ARC delegates: (Left to right front row) Name not known (please advise), Slaven Slobodnjak [Croatia], Julianne Evans [Italy], Charlotte Bartelsen [Denmark], Baris Ilhan [Turkey], Oriole O'Neill [USA] & (face on edge of photo) Jackob Schwartz [Ireland]         Photos courtesy Baris Ilhan.
UAC - the parties ...
Kim Farnell as Lara Croft
Tomb Raider or Moon Trader: Kim Farnell [London] as a convincing Lara Croft.
Personal Experience

UAC was a wonderful experience for a Sag rising like myself. Of course, I tried to do too much. I attended as many lectures and parties as possible, went to the ARC meetings, ran a booth at the trade fair mainly offering Astro*Carto*Graphy maps to astrologers (who prefer original maps), went shopping at the Florida Mall, and managed to get some time out with my 16 year old son Cosmo, to pay my respects to the Mouse. (Disney World).

Robert & Karen at Epcot 2002

Robert Currey and his wife Karen taking time out at Epcot

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