Key Resources

Astrology, Tarot & Jung [Anthony Louis] author of Tarot Plain and Simple and Horary Astrology Plain and Simple[Waterbury, CT, USA]-

Tarot and Palmistry Amaya's Tarot and Palmistry [Amaya] Online Angel card readings, Dream interpetation, Tarot readings & Palmistry. [Plymouth, UK]

Dr Kioni Dr. Christos Kioni, PhD [Rev. Dr Kioni Fuller] Doctor of Metaphysics and consultant. Tarot readings at Keen and Yahoo. New Age R&B on Live365-[Cocoa, FL, USA]

Aeclectic Tarot from Solandia Dedication to diversity & beauty of Tarot. Tarot readings, card images, deck reviews, learning resources & forums. [Brisbane, Australia]

Orphalese Tarot [Richard Jefferies] Site promoting a tarot shareware program for Windows OS# [Madrid, Spain]

Metatropo Rider Waite Tarot computer flashcards [Chris Marsh] Computer flashcards for learning to read the Rider Waite Tarot. [Seattle, WA, USA]

Tarot Card Readings reviewed [Girish] What does the future have in store for you? Find tarot readings plus articles about card readings - make the right decision today for all your tomorrows. [Chennai, India]

Tarot and Palmistry [Amaya] Online angel card readings, Dream interpretation, Tarot readings & Palmistry. [Plymouth, UK]

NZ Psychic Readings from [Kim] Clairvoyant, mediumship, tarot, psychic telephone readings plus classes on dream interpretation & psychic development# [Christchurch, NZ]

Tarot Page - offering Tarot card readings taped and via telephone. [Orlando, FL, USA]

Tarot Services - professionals are available to give personalized readings. [Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles]

Tarot Planet - provides tarot readings, decks, and other specialty gifts plus online magic eight ball and fortune cookie messages. - offers tarot and I-Ching readings, CD-ROMS's, card decks, and greeting cards.

U.S. Games Systems - tarot cards, playing cards, and card games.

Alexia - psychic tarot readings online. Ann George Tarot Studio - metaphysical introduction to the Tarot and reading process.

Archetypes Storytelling Cards - illustrated cards inspired by the Tarot, embody universal concepts found in everything plus readings on-line.

Ask Clair - help for people to find love and spirituality.

AstroBella - practical astrology and tarot.

Cosmic Intuitions - offering tarot readings and astrology charts.

Empress Tarot - revealing tarot readings, magical and herbal lore.

EnA Experience, The - reads tarot cards and casts horoscopes.

Gray, Neferlyn - psychic and tarot readings.

Healing Tarot, The - photographic deck created as an act of prayer by artist/priestess Jennifer Elizabeth Moore.

Jane Burton - clairvoyant readings using tarot, numerology, and astrology.

Levitt, Susan - offers feng shui, tarot, and astrology books, articles, classes, and consultations.

Live Psychic Tarot Readings - offers readings by phone from Scotland.

Pagan Village, The - offers links, information, and Tarot reading packages.

Psychic and Tarot Cards Readings - provides information on tarot cards and their meanings in addition to readings from fortune tellers.

Psychic Michelle - psychic or tarot reading by phone.

Psychic Readings By Mrs. Page - psychic, ESP, and tarot card readings.

Psychic visions - offering clairvoyant for Tarot readings, astrology, and more.

Queen of Pentacles - offers readings, card interpretations, resources, and more.

Smith, Joyce - offers psychic, phone, and private readings.

SuperTarot - offering training and online readings by renowned reader Simon Turnbull.

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