Key Resources

Universal Lunar Calendar [Alexander Kolesnikov, Glasgow, UK] Moon Phases, Moon Signs, Moon Void of Course, Lunar Days for the whole year.
Your Moon Sign Online Moon Sign calculation and description.
AstroQuick [Daniel Vega, Paris, France] Astrology software for Macintosh - simple and easy to use AstroQuick Light, AstroQuick Basic plus shareware.
AstroGraph Software [Henry Seltzer, Santa Cruz, CA] TimePassages astrology is software for your Macintosh or Windows computer that is easy to use and fully interactive.
Matrix Software International Sales [Martin Davies, Berwick, UK] Matrix's huge range of Software using US technology and Martin's expert support.
Astro22 Professional Computer Astrology V6 [Peter Whalen, Hereford, England] Astrological software designed to produce colorful, personalized presentation charts..
VegaSviri Software [Ellen Emeney, Penzance, UK] Vegasviri Expert, Professional, Neuro Hit! (financial astrology) and Horary software supported in the UK and developed in Russia. Includes rectification techniques.
Soul Healing [Hank Friedman, El Cerrito, CA] offers a variety of astrology software, reviews astrology programs, deep psychic channeling, astrology readings, & counseling sessions.warning
Electric Ephemeris Software [Laurids Pedersen, Denmark] Danish Astrologer, Laurids has created astrology software that can be customised and is used by many top astrologers to create their own reports.
Astrology Software [Pradeep Gupta, Delhi, India] ACS Atlas, accurate calculations, flawless predictions by eminent Indian astrologers includes lal kitab, K.P.Astrology, Nadi Astrology for professional or beginner.
Birth Time Calculators [Dr. Heinz A. Krug, Rain, Germany] How to obtain an accurate time of birth using vedic astrology.
Astrological Software from Russia - [Vladimir Wolf, Moscow, Russia] Modern Russian astrology software for professional & amateur astrologers. Descriptions & demo versions of the most popular Russian packages: Almagest, Uranus, ADB-Prof and Star.
Independent Software Enquiry Apply to be connected to a software house suitable for you. Not tied to any one software company.
The Astrology Matrix [Joe Jablonski, Big Rapids, MI] On-line interactive astrology reports (real-time astrology/oracles), Astro*Index (Online encyclopedia), astrology bibliography, real-time search for charts from 20,000 celebrity charts, & more.
Configuration Hunter [Dan Ciubotaru, Bucharest, Romania] Astrology software for searching planetary configurations.
StarMessage - moon phase screensaver [Michael Ioannides, Thessaloniki, Greece] View the moon phases and write your name in the stars of the night sky#
Spiritual Sky [Mitchell Gibson, Tempe, AZ] Original program with graphic astronomy & a wide range of graphs displaying such factors as spiritual or healing potential for any moment..
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