Key Resources

Astro Logos [Contact: Bernadette Brady, Bath, England] On-line post-graduate astrology school leading to the International Diploma, and Fixed Star Accreditation, plus Medieval Astrology and Fixed Star Reports & Services.
The London School of Astrology [Contact: Sue Tompkins, London, England] offer a number of courses for anyone interested in learning about Astrology or it's related subjects#
Email Courses: Astrology and Self Development [Steve Hubball, Carlisle, England] Email courses astrology and self development based on your own chart.
Centre for Psychological Astrology [Contact: Juliet Sharman-Burke, London, UK] Study psychological astrology, attend public seminars, & receive mailings. [Admin Contact: Angela Radcliffe, Swansea, Wales, UK] Correspondence courses in astrology from experienced tutors - ranging from beginners to Diploma.
Canopus Academy of Astrology [Contact: Linda Reid, Wynward, Tasmania] online tuition & free foundation course. World-wide courses based in Australia. Plus Mercurius - an excellent e-zine.
Faculty of Astrological Studies [Contact: Clare Martin, London, England] Est.1948 London classes & correspondence leading to Diploma & Certificate qualifications.
Mayo School of Astrology [Principal: Jackie Hudson, Truro, England] Founded by astrologer and author, Jeff Mayo, this correspondence course leads to a recognised Diploma.
Astrological Psychology Institute (Huber School,UK) [Contact: Joyce Hopewell (UK), Adliswil, Zurich] school promoting the concepts and approach initiated by Bruno & Louise Huber in Switzerland.
Elemental-Astrology [Darcy Woodall DFAstrolS, New York, NY, USA] Archetypal Astrology. Consultations, classes and tutorials with experienced professionally qualified astrologer.
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