Key Resources

Fallon Astro Graphics [Astrid Fallon] Tools for Astrology, annual colour ephemeris and diary. (Sheffield, UK)
Silverstall [Jeff Hall] Silver astrological pendants# (Plymouth, England)
The Astrology Kit [Sheila Stokes] A simple way to acquire the mysterious art of astrology to guide your life. [Brisbane, Australia]
2008 Lunar CalendarMoon Calendar [Equinox] Keep track of the lunar phases with a beautiful blue and silver wall mounted moon calendar. Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

The Keyring Company [Andy Wright] Tasteful zodiacal keyrings.. (Peterborough, England)

Moon Sign CalendarMoon Sign Calendar interactive [Rainer Kasberg] Timing with the moon for more than 150 activities, moon sign calculation, lose weight with the moon's help and more. (Berlin, Germany)

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