Key Resources

The Astrological Lodge of London Founded by Alan Leo in 1915. Monday evening lectures by a wide range of Astrologers. Free beginners class. Also produces quarterly journal (free to Members) with focus on the tradition of astrology.
Astrological Association of Great Britain One of Europe's leading astrological organisations, bringing together astrologers from all over the world.
AFA - American Federation of Astrologers
AFAN - Association for Astrological Networking
British Astrological And Psychic Society [Russell Grant, Rochester, Kent, UK] brings together readers from all the intuitive fields including astrology.
Astropro's Cosmic Connections
Metalog's Astrology on the Net [Karen Chiarello, London]. The web's most extensive & established directory of professional astrologers and astrology sites. [Martin Heelis, Birkenhead, UK] A comprehensive listing of Astrology websites on the internet..
Zodiacal Zephyr's over 500+ sites. [Sandra Rozhon] Displayed alphabetically or by category, search by URL, title, owner, descrip. .
Astropro Info [Richard Nolle, Tempe, AZ] Astrologer, Richard used to review books for Horoscope Magazine. Now he reviews sites with his web site of the week [WOW]. Here's a sample review...
The Urania Trust Guide [Jonathan Powell, London, UK] Useful contacts - published by a registered astrological charity dedicated to promoting astrology especially astrological publications, research and lectures. [Robin Manteris, Santa Fe, NM] Astrologer, Robin is compiling a comprehensive directory of professional astrologers, astrology courses, organizations, conferences, books, software.
Key To your Fortune [Arun Agrawal, Kolkata, India] lists various horoscope resources.
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