Key Resources

StarCats [Claudia Dikinis, Santa Monica, CA] . In-depth on America's War on Terrorism, Astro-politics, Global and Personal horoscopes, World Predictions, Resource and Teaching centers.
Astrology World Predictions [John Bardopoulos, Athens, Greece-Hellas] History moves in circles, so do the planets.
Steinbrecher Astrological DatA CollectionŽ [Edwin Steinbrecher] more than 28,500 names, dates, birthtimes, and birthplaces.
UK AA Birth Database [Roy Gillett, London] Data for current events & people in the news - published in the journal Transit.
Zodiacal Zephyr's [Sandra Rozhon, Elyria, OH] 2000+ celebrity database.
Richard Nolle's data [Richard Nolle, Tempe, AZ] Listed by date - just select the month
Renaissance Astrology [Christopher Warnock, Esq., Washington D.C.] uses the astrological magic of Cornelius Agrippa, Marsilio Ficino & Picatrix to create beautiful astrological talismans. Also Renaissance horary & electional astrology.
Aquamoonlight Astrology [Debby, UK] Horary and educational resource explaining astrological chart features from basic (signs) to advanced (chiron).
The Lost Horoscope X-Files: [Curt Manwaring, Syracuse, NY] Directory of Astrological Services. .
Horary Glossary by Anthony Louis author of Horary Astrology Plain and Simple.
Traditional Astrologer [Peter Hill, London, UK] A major horary site.
Traditional Horary & Electional Site [Sue Ward]
Christeen Skinner [Christeen Skinner, London, UK] Financial Astrologer: news letter & courses also writer and A*C*G consultant. The Astrology Fund [Henry Weingarten, New York, NY]
The Starsign Survey [Jess Lailey, Bournemouth, UK] Fun survey that attempts to predict your sun sign based on other people's answers..
AstroFaces [M Berlin, Miami, FL] Fascinating research supported by photos into the link between the sun, moon, and the ascendant and appearance.
International Society for Astrological Research ISAR
NASA'S data on assorted asteroids Information and data on asteroids
NASA's home page on Chiron Astronomical data on Chiron.
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