Key Resources

Skyscript [Deborah Houlding, Mansfield, England] An essential site for astrologers and astrology students - many excellent articles on history, development and tradition of astrology plus tips and tools, horary courses and calendar of astro events.
Planet Waves Astrology - Horoscopes by Eric Francis [Tracy Delaney, Seattle, WA, USA] In-depth monthly horoscopes, plus writing on astrology, relationships, healing and world affairs. Chiron and minor planet specialist.
AstroCocktail [John Townley] World astro news and articles. (USA)
Astrology Talk - Blog [Velvet Ridge] Get an inside track on what is happening in the world of astrology and the astrology of the world. This site is a well-kept secret that attracts astrologers. (USA)
Astrology Power Zone [Catharine Anderson, Hollywood, FL] Collection of interesting articles from diverse astrologers - a growing site.
Zodiac Star Signs and their Meanings. [Richard Hills, Sutton, Surrey, UK] A survey of the meaning of each of the 12 zodiac star signs.
Maggie Hyde Online [Maggie Hyde, London & Kent, UK] Articles about astrology and divination for astrologers, diviners and the general reader.
Mars Hill Astrology [Gary P. Caton, Asheville, NC, USA] Well researched articles on various mundane topics including sophisticated techniques (e.g., midpoints) as well as psychological and spiritual topics.
Creative Force Zodiac Astrology [Anthony Frost] Vibration Science Astrology - A mirror of future time and events for personal and business relationships. (Melbourne, Australia)
AstroFutureTrends [Philip Brown,Santa Barbara, CA] Featuring the astrology of world events, cultural trends forecasting, and politics.
Astrostar Horoscopes [Tara Pearce, Sacramento, CA] Articles on astrology, twin souls, research, chat board, jokes and metaphysical topics plus Sun sign horoscopes.
Astrology Signs [Justin Krutz, San Diego, CA, USA] Learn about astrology signs, symbols, and charts, and find free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, plus horoscopes on your pets.
AA Journal Articles on astrology for astrologers published by the Astrological Association of Great Britain (London, U.K.)
Prediction Magazine [Editor: Tania Ahsan] The oldest and most well known British magazine covering astrology as well as all metaphysical subjects (London, U.K.) .
The Mountain Astrologer TM [Tem Tarriktar] - the ultimate magazine for astrologers by astrologers. (Cedar Ridge, CA)
Dell Horoscope Magazine
Planetos [Ken Irving] explores and explains the scientific basis of astrology with particular reference to the work of Gauquelin and the well established Mars Effect. (New York, NY)
Ascella Books [Peter Hill] Reprints of many classic titles plus more. (London, UK)
Astrology Center of America [David R. Roell] Books (New York, NY)
Astrology Et Al Maggie Meister's shop. (Seattle, WA)
ACS Astro Computing Services - a major publisher and distributor of astrology titles. (San Diego, CA)
Kessinger Rare Esoteric Reprints Kessinger Publishing's Rare Philosophy, Religion & Freemasonry Books Online Bookstore
Access: New Age Books Secure Ordering.
Erin Sullivan - eminent consulting, writing and lecturing psychological astrologer and qualified Astrocartographer. Author of many titles including Saturn in Transit and Retrograde Planets. (Taos, New Mexico)
Sasha Fenton - author of Sun Signs, Rising Signs, Astrology on the Move and more.~ . (Plymouth, England)
Debbi Kempton Smith - author of Secret's of a Stargazer's notebook. Astrologer & AstroCartoGraphy consultant. (New York, NY)
Jessica Adams - author of Hand-bag Horoscopes and many other very popular titles. Nowadays, much of her work is dedicated to the charity War Child. (Brighton, Sussex, UK & Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Marjorie Orr Celebrated media & psychological astrologer, Marjorie Orr moves between free sun sign advice to psychological and deep political analysis. (France).
Mitchell Gibson - author of Signs of Mental Illness and "Signs: The Spiritual Sky" plus software programs, Signs: The Spiritual Sky & Signs: The Inner Sky. (Tempe, AZ)
Tad Mann - A T (Tad) Mann is an architect, astrologer, artist, teacher, designer and author. Author of the legendary Round Art. (Idaho)
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