Key Resources

Tarot Services [David Craig] Introductory psychic tarot card readings, plus 3 and 7 psychic tarot card readings by legendary professional psychic tarot card reader, David Craig.-[Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles]

Tarot Cycles [M.Tamar] offers personal coaching & spiritual healing in a guided tarot card/horoscope reading analyzing the seven cycles of your year.- [Eugene, OR, USA]

Psychic tarot readings by Karencares4you Psychic tarot readings by Karencares4you [Karen Meehan] Compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental. 20+ yrs. experience as tarot reader & intuitive psychic helping with love, life or relationship issues. [FL, USA]

I Read Tarot [Ann Marie Young] will answer your questions with the tarot through email. [macedonia, OH, USA]

Tarot Laura Tarot Laura [Tarot Laura] Online psychic tarot readings by email or by post for a fee or a donation- [Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK]

Card readings by messenger [Julia Kiesling] Card readings by messenger, msn or yahoo messengers. [Tiel , Netherlands / England]

tarotsue tarotsue [Sue Smith] Full time reader and teacher of the Tarot Cards, Palms and Rune Stones. [Fordingbridge, England U.K.]

Lotus Tarot [Alison Day] Positive & insightful tarot readings bring clarity and understanding to events in your life plus learn tarot course, card meanings & discussion forum~ [Victoria, SC, USA]

Tarot Card Readings by Rita [Loretta Smith] Accurate and inspiring. The path you choose today will map your tomorrow. [Quartzsite, AZ, USA]

Tarot Laura Clairvoyant~ Tarot~ Spiritual Mentor~ Astrologer~ Psychic~ Healer~ Friend. [Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK]

Card readings [Julia Rose] Julia's online card readings by msn messenger. More than 30 years of experience in readings. [London, UK]

TarotCycles - providing tarot readings. [Eugene, OR, USA]~

Clairvoyant Tarot Readings by Jules [Julie Putano/John Yandell] Free automated Tarot readings, in-depth personal relationship readings, library of Tarot card meanings & more. [Johnson City, NY, USA]

I Read Tarot [Ann Marie Young] will answer your questions with the tarot through email. [Macedonia, OH, USA]

All About Tarot [Lyn Thurman] Professional couple offering Tarot and Oracle readings as well as courses, workshops and parties# [London, United Kingdom]

Past Life Readings [Aaliyah Smith] works with people who are interested in the idea of Reincarnation, and who want to look at their past to gain more insight into their present experiences. will answer your questions with the tarot through email. [Niland, CA, USA]

Tarot Card Readings by Rita - telephone and online tarot card readings.
Tarot Reading Online - tarot and psychic readings for love, destiny, and career.
Taste of Tarot, A - offers card readings delivered via email.
Tsarion, Michael - divination scholar and sidereal mythologist. Also home of the Taroscopic Mystery School.
Wild Moon - offering magical tarot readings.
Angel Paths - offers tarot readings and courses.
CafeTarot - provides interactive and personalized Tarot readings. Includes history and explanation of rituals. - offers advice and guidance through tarot readings.
Jeanne's Tarot - psychic/reader/advisor helps you via email.
Levitt, Susan - offers feng shui, tarot, and astrology books, articles, classes, and consultations.
Salem Tarot Page - comprehensive guide to tarot, witchcraft, and ritual items.
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