Key Resources [Jenny Lynch] Astrologer and Astro*Carto*Grapher, has much media experience including hosting her own TV show, Starpower#(New York, NY) [Tom O'Brien] Personality profiles, relationship readings and horoscopes using the Feng Shui Astrology system - Nine Star Ki# (Poole, United Kingdom)
Metalog Yellow Pages Karen Chiarello's listings of key astrologers by country. (London, UK)
Timezone World Map World Map showing standard time zones.
Astro Marketing [Adam Fronteras] Astrologer, psychic and author of Tarot publications. Adam uses his metaphysical skills in recruitment and management consultancy (Rochester, Kent, UK).
Christeen Skinner [Christeen Skinner] Business Astrologer: plus writer, financial & locational astrologer. (London, UK)
Nick Dagan Best, astrologer.
Andrea Soole, professional astrologer with Astro*Live*Link Andrea's Specialities: Personal Relationships, Business, Electional Astrology, Children's Charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Mundane, ...
Astrological Insights [Joann Hampar] The art of timing. (New York, NY).
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