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A.F.A. 1776 Ephemeris Ernest Grant 3.95
A.F.A. 1777 Ephemeris Ernest Grant 3.95
A.F.A. 1781 Ephemeris Ernest Grant 3.95
A.F.A. 1787 Ephemeris Ernest Grant 3.95
A.F.A. 1789 Ephemeris Ernest Grant 3.95
A.F.A. 1792 Ephemeris Ernest Grant 3.95
Accurate World Horoscopes Doris Chase Doane 25.95
American Atlas Thomas Shanks 28.95
Approximate Positions of Asteroids 1851-2050 Emma Belle Donath 6.95
Arkana Dictionary of Astrology Fred Gettings 11.00
Asteroid Ephemeris 1883-1999 Zipporah Dobyns 14.95
Asteroids in the U.S.A. Emma Belle Donath 7.95
Astro-data II Lois Rodden 22.95
Astro-data IV Lois Rodden 28.99
Astro-data V (Profiles of Crime) Lois Rodden 24.00
Astrologer's Guide (13th Century) Guido Bonatus 8.75
Astrological Americana (A.F.A. Research Bulletin No. 3) Ernest Grant 6.99
Astrological Atlas of the United States A.F.A. 11.95
Astrological Dictionary & Self Reading Horoscope Edward Johndro 5.99
Astrological Thesaurus Michael Munkasey 15.99
Astrology Encyclopedia James R. Lewis 13.99
Astrology Looks at History Noel Tyl 13.99
Astrology of the Famed (Startling Insights Into Their Lives) Noel Tyl 15.99
Book of Rulerships (Keywords From Classical Astrology) L. Lee Lehman 15.99
British Entertainers (The Astrological Profiles) Frank C. Clifford 9.99
Celebrities Through the Zodiac Doris Kaye and Frank Cakavell 3.99
Circle Book of Charts Stephen Erlewine 14.99
Complete Dictionary of Astrology Alan Leo 10.99
Encyclopaedia of Astrology (1940) Nicholas De Vore 19.99
Ephemeris of the Moon (1800-2000 inclusive) Hugh MacCraig 6.50
Fateful Presidential Cycles Robert Hughes 9.95
Finding Your Life's Purpose Through Astrology Workbook Bettye Binder 7.99
Gazetteer of Great Britain Ordnance Survey 85.00
International Atlas Thomas Shanks 31.95
International Horoscopes Vol. 1 Glenn Malec 12.95
Karen's Keyword Compendium Karen Savalan 6.95
Les Personnalites Planetaires Michel Gauquelin 16.00
Longitudes and Latitudes Throughout the World Eugene Dernay 8.99
Longitudes and Latitudes in the U.S. Eugene Dernay 8.99
Neo-Astrology (Copernican Revolution) Michel Gauquelin 7.99
Profiles of Women: Astro-data I (A Collection of Astrological Biographies) Lois Rodden 36.00
Real Time Astrology (A Clear Case For Planetary Influence) Courntey Conrad 12.99
Regiomontanus Table of Houses Tables of Houses 12.99
Relative Frequency Tables 1900-1949 A.F.A. 12.99
Rulership Book (Directory of Astrological Correspondences) Rex Bills 15.99
Tables of Diurnal Planetary Motion A.F.A. 8.95
Tables of Houses (Placidus) Rosicrucian 7.95
Tables of Houses - Campanus System A.F.A. 8.50
Tables of Houses - Koch System A.F.A. 11.99
Tables of Houses 0-66 Degrees (Placidus) St. Michel 8.95
Tables of Houses for Great Britain Foulsham 2.99
Time Change Update 1986-90 (World) Doris Chase Doane 5.99
Time Changes in the U.S.A. Doris Chase Doane 13.99
Time Changes in the World Doris Chase Doane 9.99
Times Changes in Canada and Mexico Doris Chase Doane 7.99
United States Wheel of Destiny Diana Bills Stone 4.95
World Wide Time Change Update 1981-1985 Doris Chase Doane 3.50
Zodiac Within Each Sign (Interpreting the Horoscope With Decanates and Duads) Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker 6.95

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