A Formula for Orbital Synthesis
Extending Kepler's 3rd law. How Planet Time, Distance & Velocity are proportional.
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This article has been peer reviewed by subject matter experts refereed by the publisher.
Volume 28(2), November 2018 (pp.40-51)
A Formula for Orbital Synthesis
Robert Currey

A simple formula demonstrates how planetary orbital dimensions are closely integrated and explains why astrology is not limited by working in a two dimensional geocentric model of the solar system. ...


  • A Formula for Orbital Synthesis
    • Abstract
    • Extending Kepler's 3rd law
    • How Planet Time, Distance & Velocity are proportional
    • Examples using the Golden Ratio
    • Table for Checking Precision of Planetary Formulae
    • Eris - an unusual pattern
    • How Astrology can work in two dimensions
    • Applications
    • Conclusion
    • Acknowledgements
    • References
Copyright 2012 Published by the AA of GB
Thanks to Dr. Pat Harris, Ken McRitchie, Ken Irving and Karen Chiarello.

Robert Currey, BSc.[Hons], DF Astrol.S., Cert.Int.ACG.
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The full article is published in Correlation, the Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology (Nov., 2012). To obtain copies or for a subscription go to the astrologicalassociation.com or contact the editor, Dr Pat Harris, 1 Highfield, Twyford, SO21 1QR, UK or try specialist bookstores in the UK like the Astrology Shop, Covent Garden, London.

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