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Is the price of Sugar connected with planets in Libra?
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October 11, 2009 - The price of sugar has been going up.[4] Could this be connected with planetary movements?
High Sugar Prices in '70s & early '80s: The last time the Sugar Market was at present higher levels was in the late '70s and early '80s. At the time, the failure of sugar harvests in the ABC countries: Australia, Brazil and Cuba the largest exporters at the time led to a worldwide shortage. As a result the sugar market became very volatile and prices soared twice followed by equally sharp collapses.

Planets in Libra preceeded by Virgo: During this period of volatility, Uranus, Pluto and then Saturn went through the sign of Libra - a sign associated with sweet taste[2]. Of course, it is arguable that these planets transited the preceding sign Virgo beforehand. These Virgo[3] transits are claimed to be connected with havoc [Uranus], destruction [Pluto] or severe limitation [Saturn] to the sugar crop and resultant harvest. Later as sugar stockpiles dwindled a worldwide shortage resulted.
Pattern in 2009-2010: On October 29th 2009 Saturn leaves Virgo and enters Libra. The same pattern of an initial rise in the price of sugar prior to the Libra ingress is again occurring. As it moves closer Saturn starts to form a square to Pluto. This aspect is in effect with varying strength up until November 2010. My take on this is some squeeze on the sugar market or a fundamental reformation of production/consumption patterns.

Supply & Demand in Balance: If you are thinking of investing in sugar futures, beware! This is a market that seeks balance (Libra) and rapidly stabilizes. Sugar is potentially an almost unlimited resource that can be grown in both temperate (beet) and tropical (cane) climates. The moment the price rises, production becomes viable in a great many countries and demand is soon satisfied. The sharp rise occurs during the temporary gap where a shortfall exists before the next harvest. During the gap, consumers are prepared to pay whatever it takes to feed their sugar habit.
  1. This connection is at a theoretical stage, as I have not studied it in any depth or run any statistical studies. However, I could not initially see a connection with the Jupiter cycle. I was unable to track down sugar prices for the previous transit of Saturn in 1951-1953. I would be interested in any data.
  2. The association between Libra and sweet taste doesn't mean all Librans have a sweet tooth. If Libra and Venus are both strong in a chart and not do not involve Mars or Saturn, this tends to be the case.
  3. Virgo is a sign associated with harvesting and the Sun goes through Virgo during the peak harvest period in the northern temperate zones.
  4. The price of sugar on the futures markets takes time before it filters down to the price in for sugar and soft drinks in the shops.
  5. It is arguable that Saturn in Libra could result in a drop in consumption as Saturn can signify abandoning or limiting sugar intake. This may be the long term result of the transit, even if prices go up in the short-term.
  6. Another dimension is that the current rise is in part due to a lower harvest in India, a country connected with the sign of Capricorn which is being transited by Pluto.

Robert Currey
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