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Beauty can be tough

The beauty queen biz is getting tougher! Saturn in Libra (sqr Pluto in Cap) may be undermining the stereotypical image of the helpless beauty queen who can only be rescued by a prince. Miss England is a soldier [Sunday Times Interview], decorated for disarming an Iraqi fighter. She’s known in the army as Combat Barbie because of her obsession with pink. She won her crown by default as the original winner, sprinter and Olympic hopeful was arrested for (allegedly) beating up rival, Miss Manchester dressed as a cave girl in a porn-themed party at a nightclub over a Gladiator! [Here's a plot for a reality remake of Private Benjamin, Legally Blonde and Animal House in one epic movie.]

Astrologer, Laura Boomer also pointed out that this occurred with Mars in Leo - very sexy military sports bash! And Mars is definitely the trigger to this bizarre episode.

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