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There’s a place where there are two queens and four kings. There’s also a handful of celebrities, but everyone is a star in their own right.

Aboriginals have a small majority. Of the rest five are Hispanic. Six are plain English and another six are truly English, but dressed up in a classic Latino (but not Hispanic) style. Two are pure French and one could be described as Franglais. One is originally from India and there’s also a Greek.

What's this about?
The solution & full explanation.

Any questions tweet me:    www.twitter.com/RobertCurrey
    Summary of clues given on Twitter (335 people viewed the link from Twitter in the first 20 hours which resulted in 3 correct answers):
  1. It's not Blackpool on a Friday night :)
  2. It's not the contestants from Britain's Got Talent. :)
  3. It's not a Mandala
  4. It's not playing or Tarot cards.
  5. It's not Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  6. It's not connected with astronomy or astrology like the Milky Way Galaxy
  7. It's not 'The Earth', but it is on the Earth
  8. Though there are many individual bodies, they operate as one Unit. The name of this Unit is the answer to the riddle. Everyone knows the name of this Unit. Most on Twitter know the names of all the individual entities that make up the Unit. It's just that you have never thought of them in this way.
      Individual members within the Unit:
    • The smallest is of Greek origin.
    • The wealthiest is Hispanic.
    • The largest is of Aboriginal (native) origin.
    • I am older than the youngest by just under 4 years. (I was born in Sept. 1955)
  9. Think in terms of Geography and History.
  10. Final big clue. There are 50 within the Unit.

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