Midsomer Murders TV series.

Astronomy & astrology feature in TV drama Midsomer Murders

An astronomer is murdered at the eclipse - how is astrology involved? (Part 2)

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We are what our stars make us.

Astrologer to Barnaby Scorpio, Right?

Was that a guess?

These images are used for review purposes and credit is due to Bentley Productions, ITV, all actors and crew. Thanks to Joan Street whose site midsomermurders.org/ proved to be a great resource.

Written in the Stars

An episode of the popular British series, Midsomer Murders has a celestial theme with an astronomer, an astrologer and ... our own Equinox lunar calendar. For more about the plot and Mags, the astrologer played by brilliant actress, Maureen Lipman.

Detective Inspector Barnaby enters the astrologer's house.

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Mystic Mags working on a chart

Article by Robert Currey
How astrology and the lunar calendar featured on a popular TV series: Midsomer Murders.

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What is a blue moon?

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