Revelations about Diana from the writings of Nostradamus
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Was Diana's death foretold by Nostradamus?
Seer  & Astrologer - Nostradamus

The writings of Nostradamus have been credited with predicting many major historical events and figures: Napoleon, Hitler and the Kennedys among many others.

What did the 16th century astrologer and seer write about the life and death of Diana?

Much of the following comes from the legendary astrologer, Tad Mann. Following his book, Millennium Prophecies [Element 1992], Tad is one of the world's foremost experts on the writings Nostradamus.

Tad has kindly given permission to publish his exclusive insights on our web page. His quotes are mainly from Erika Cheetham's translation.

Mohamed.. the son of the prophet

Century 2, Quatrain #28

"The last son of the man with the prophet's name
will bring Diana to her day of rest.
At a distance they wander in frenetic grief.
Delivering a great people from ruin."

Or an alternative translation gives...

"The last but one of the prophet's name
will take Diana for his day of rest."

...the man with the prophet's name..
appears to refer to Mohamed Al Fayed and his ..last son.. or his last but one must be Dodi Fayed.

...her day of rest..
seems to point to her death and resting in peace from the paparazzi.

...his day of rest..
could refer His day of rest - i.e. Sunday the day of the week she died or that Diana would be memorialised with a public holiday. Effectively throughout the UK (and possibly elsewhere) a great many businesses and shops closed for part of the day of her funeral as a mark of respect. a distance they wander in frenetic grief..
Could this refer to the world-wide grief shared by people of many nationalities whose only contact with the Princess was through photographs?

..Delivering a great people from ruin.
Diana's death aroused an unprecedented expression of emotion in England. Here was a nation reputed to be emotionally reserved, repressed and instinctively cynical of all things sentimental. Yet, suddenly the nation was rocked by a tidal wave of compassion.

But perhaps it was less localised than just England...

Neptune [compassion] in Capricorn [the sign ruling the British people including those of the Commonwealth] is symbolic of an opportunity to realign traditional and hierarchical societies. Now the change is coming from the symbolic top, Queen Elizabeth II and she has made it clear that her new direction is in response to the feelings expressed after Diana's death.

Or maybe it is even wider and refers to the cathartic and emotional cleansing experience that so many people felt from all over the world from the shared experience of grief.

Prince Harry's Destiny

Quatrain IV,#7

"The younger son of a great and hated prince,
will be greatly marked (by leprosy?) by the time he is twenty.
His mother will die of grief, very sad and thin,
and he will die when the cowardly flesh falls."

..younger son of a great and hated prince...
Charles may go down in history as a great and hated prince. Great because of his enlightened approach to complementary medicine and the metaphysical, but hated as a result of his rejection of the popular Diana in favour of Camilla Parker-Bowles. And Prince Harry is his youngest son.

...marked (by leprosy?) by the time he is twenty...
Harry’s mother did work and touch lepers in her charity work. Could this be marked out for a special role in the world or marked in the sense of physical or psychological wounding? Or could this be a revelation about his paternity that has been questioned in some quarters?

...His mother will die of grief, very sad and thin..
Harry's mother, Diana died (of grief?), certainly very sad and thin.

...and he will die when the cowardly flesh falls.
Is the cowardly flesh a reference to unknown assassins being found and punished at some point in the future?

Charles Spencer, the Red. Who is the great one hidden in the shadows?

Quatrain I, #84

"The moon obscured in deep gloom,
her brother becomes bright red in colour.
The great one hidden for a long time in the shadows,
will hold the blade in the bloody wound."

The moon obscured in deep gloom,..
Nostradamus often interchanged meanings of "moon" and "Diana" goddess of the Moon. The symbolism is reinforced as the Charles/Diana divorce was announced in the Houses of Parliament at a Lunar eclipse - a time when the reflective light of the Moon is obscured by the Earth. It was clear to some astrologers at the time that Charles representing the Sun would eventually eclipse Diana represented by her Sun Sign (Cancer) ruler, the Moon.

...her brother becomes bright red in colour.
Diana's brother Charles, Lord Spencer was agitated and openly angry at the press. Open anger [Martian energy] usually shows as a slightly flushed complexion. (As opposed to seething anger [Pluto] where the skin tends blanche). But within months of his outburst, Charles was blushing with embarrassment and no doubt angry by the lurid and very public exposures at his Cape Town divorce.

..The great one hidden for a long time in ths shadows,
will hold the blade in the bloody wound.

The hidden one responsible for her death hides in the shadows and continues to denigrate her achievements.

  • Some have speculated that the British Established forces? The Queen? Prince Charles? MI6? GHQ? were in some way involved in Diana's death. One conspiracy theory, popular in the Arabic press, is based on the 'far-fetched' proposition that the WASP establishment couldn't accept the prospect of a Muslim as a step-father to the King or the King having a Muslim brother-in-law. Certainly the Squidgy Tapes clearly revealed that Diana was being spied on and smeared by established forces.
  • This may be a reference to continuing US (the great one = superpower) opposition to the abolition of land mines and implication of the CIA in her death.
  • Dodi's father, Mohamed Al'Fayed has many enemies notably his arch-enemey, the sinister and reputedly ruthless international tycoon, Tiny Rowland. Also a number of politicians have been ruined by Mohamed's bribery revelations.

Paris - danger by night 1991 - 1995

Quatrain X, #22

"In the city of Paris,
bands of young thugs roam the streets like wolves
beating up those who take risks in the evenings,
a drunken force which denies life to others."

bands of young thugs roam the streets like wolves..
Could this describe the paparazzi and the way they hunted Diana in packs?

..beating up those who take risks in the evenings,..
This could refer to the risks taken by the driver Henri Paul exceeding the speed limit and Diana not wearing a seat belt.

..a drunken force which denies life to others.
Blood samples from Dodi's driver Henri Paul revealed [According to Parisian police] alcohol levels that were well in excess of the legal limit for driving.

This excerpt comes from Nostradamus: The End of the Millenium Prophecies 1993-2001 published 1992 by V J Hewitt and Peter Lorie [page 52] under the heading 'Paris -danger by night 1991-1995'. The dates are premature, but close enough given how long ago the original text was written to be interesting.

The silver of Diana and the images will be found in the lake.

Quatrain ?, #??

"The great amount of silver of Diana and Mercury,
the images will be found in the lake.
The sculptor looking for new clay,
both he and his followers will be soaked in gold."

...great amount of silver of Diana and Mercury..
Could this be the wealth of Diana and Harrods heir, Dodi? Or is it simply that Diana was the Moon goddess and silver is ruled by the Moon. Mercury is also known as quicksilver.

..the images will be found in the lake.
This sounds like the lake at Althorpe with the island where Diana was buried. Already this location has already generated wonderful images with the setting and floral tributes and is no doubt set to become a international shrine.

The sculptor looking for new clay..
One person has likened this to Andrew Morton seeking new material for a new book and the rich rewards for his work. However I think this describes something that is yet to become apparent - maybe something to do with the Earl Spencer and Althorpe or a particular statue commorating the life of Diana.

The lady, furious, in an adulterous rage, conspires not to speak to her Prince.

Quatrain VI, #59

"The lady, furious, in an adulterous rage,
will come to conspire not to speak to her Prince.
But the culprit will soon be known,
so that seventeen will be martyred."

lady in an adulterous rage,..
On page 70 of Millennium Prophecies [Element 1992] Tad Mann attributes the lady to Mrs Thatcher in her battle with her protegé and successor as leader, John Major. The revelation made front page news in the Sun, [biggest selling British national daily newspaper].

Tad now writes...
"Diana, angry at Charles' adultery, refuses to speak with him. She then discovered the identity of Charles' mistress. Will her assassin(s) be discovered, and connected to whom?" that seventeen will be martyred.
Tad asks "Is it accidental that she died in the 17th year of their marriage?"

Astrologer Tad Mann.
Tad Mann made his name in the late '70s with the classic, original and beautiful astrology book The Round Art. A testimony to his skill as an astrologer and craftsmanship as an architect.

Tad [Leo Sun] was born and brought up in the US, later developed an extensive astrological practice in London and Sussex [England] and now lives in Denmark. Among his many other titles are Sacred Architecture and The Divine Plot. He lectures around the world and if you are lucky, can be booked for personal astrological and/or tarot readings.

Tad was a frequent visitor to the Astrology Shop in London.

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