ASTROLOGER.COM How to Order a Reading
  • If you are familiar with ordering from us ...
    • To consult our astrologer, book your reading on-line and pay by credit card. Buy minutes in advance over the web using your credit card. You then get through to our astrologer by calling a toll free 1-800 rate number.
    • Use your minutes whenever you want in one or several readings. Your credit is valid for 12 months. Purchase as many minutes as you require.
    • Top-up your minutes at any time at the rate of $2.25 per minute with a minimum of 10 minutes.
    • You are only charged from the moment, you get through to the astrologer.
  • 3 Minute Warning During the telephone call a short beep sounds to warn you when you have 3 minutes left before the call expires.
  • Your Birth Details (including the time): While an astrologer can tell you more with a time of birth, if you don't know your time of birth, they have specialist techniques to handle this situation. When you state your birth date, always give the month in words (like July) rather than as a number (like 7) to avoid any confusion.
  • Your questions are more than welcome. The astrologer may not be able to answer a question with a simple "yes or no". If you allow the astrologer to ask about the background to your question, he or she can give you deep insight into a situation, how you might get the best result and precise dates that surpass all other mediums.
Prices in US$
20 minute consultation US$40
30 minute consultation US$60
60 minute consultation US$120
When the minutes have expired you can top up.
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UK & GB Sterling
Australia & NZ
E.U. & Euro Zone
  • Secure Web for Credit Card: Our credit card security is high. We do not charge cards automatically, so any errors like pressing a key twice by accident or amending your order soon after submission, will not result in duplicate billing.
  • Cards Accepted: We accept all major credit cards (including Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards) and charge in US $ Dollars.
  • Alternatively Pay by PayPal.  PayPal is a convenient, secure, independent system of payment. Using PayPal, you can pay with various credit and debit cards or transfer funds from your bank account. We can also invoice you via PayPal after placing your order.
  • Privacy: All calls are confidential and are recorded for security purposes only.
  • Spoken or Written Readings? If you would like to complement your spoken reading with a professionally written astrological chart analyses, you have an opportunity to order after you have completed this booking form.
  • Problems ordering? If you have a problem ordering, contact us:
    • Telephone:
      [Toll free] 1-800 MAPPING [Morning]
    • Post: 465 NE 181st Ave., Suite 818, Portland, OR 97230

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