Astrological News: Horoscope of Adolf Hitler
Astrology and Adolf Hitler
Initially Hitler used astrologer, Ernst Krafft, but by 1942, Krafft fell out of favour.
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Imagine being an astrologer in 1910 and a struggling Austrian artist gives you his birth details: April 20, 1889 6.30pm.

Well it appears a lot of astrologers have analysed Hitler’s chart with many different agendas. Two of the most famous were Ernst Krafft who worked for the Germans and Louis de Wohl who worked for the British during the Second World War. Read about the impact of these secret military astrologers ...

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Update October 2014 - Since writing this series of articles on the story of the Star Wars of World War II in 2008, the full story of Hitler's astrologer has been made into an award-winning dramatised screenplay by David Bryant Perkins.
In response to the question of the level of dramatisation of the facts, Perkins had the following response:
Rudolf Hess was a competent astrologer (his mother taught him in Egypt as a child) and he replicated and strongly believed Krafft's 1933 prediction that Hitler would get Germany in a war in the fall of 1939 (when Pluto entered Leo). Krafft based this on Pluto entering Cancer in August 1914. Hess believed that if Germany did not make peace with England by summer of 1941, the tide of the war would go against Germany. That is why Hess flew to Scotland in attempt to make peace with England.

When Hess hit 55°42' North, two Spitfires with Polish pilots were sent to intercept him, but did not find him as he made his sharp turn west before they got to him - the Polish pilot's actual dialogue is part of the story. Hess of course bailed out, and the actual dialogue between him and the farmers that found him, and the RAF people that took him away, are also part of the story.

When Hitler found out about Hess's flight the next day he:
  1. He had a meeting with Goering and Goebbels,
  2. Hitler ordered Himmler to execute "Aktion Hess", to arrest all of the astrologers in Germany (which came to over 600, Krafft being one of them).

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