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~ Philosophy of Astrology ~

Aquarian Age Philosophy Edward Doane 5.99
Are The Stars Causes? Plotinus 1.95
Astrology's Complete Book of Self-Defence Robert Parry 7.95
Astrology: How & Why It Works (Introduction to Basic Astrology) Marc Edmund Jones 13.99
Cosmic Creation of the Galaxy and Solar Systems June Wakefield 9.95
Heavens Declare (Talks on the Relationship of Astrology to Modern Science) Viva Emmons 1.50
In Defense of Astrology (Astrology's Answers to its Critics) Robert Parry 8.99
Interface (Astronomical Essays for Astrologers) Nick Kollerstrom 13.99
Meditations of the Apocalypse F. Aster Barnwell 8.99
Message of Astrology (The New Vitalism and What It Means for Our Future) Peter Roberts 6.99
Millennium Prophecies (Predictions for the Year 2000) A.T. Mann 4.99
New Study of Astrology John Addey 12.95
Night Speaks (Meditation on the Astrological Worldview) Steven Forrest 10.99
Passion of the Western Mind (Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View) Richard Tarnas 12.99
Philosophy of Astrology Manly Hall 8.99
Science of Foreknowledge (And the Radix System) Sepharial 13.99
Sleepwalkers Arthur Koestler 11.99
Spindle of Meaning Ronald Harvey 11.95
Theory of Celestial Influence (Man, the Universe and Cosmic Mystery) Rodney Collin 8.99

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