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A B C Major Progressions Lynne Palmer
Ancient Astrological Sun Jewels C. Bruce
Annual Diagram as An Aid in Life Reinhold Ebertin
Aspects and Houses in Analysis (Vol. IV) Noel Tyl
Astro Essentials Maritha Pottenger
Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps (The Astrology of Relocation) Jim Lewis and Ariel Guttman
Astro-Economics David Williams
Astro-Focus Your Future (How to Forecast Your Future Trends) Mary Ellen Coleman
Astro-Pick Your Perfect Partner Mary Ellen Coleman
Astro-Power at the Race Track Emily Faugno
Astro-data III Lois Rodden
Astrobiology: the Science of the Universe T. Gudjonsson
Astrodynes Ken Stone
Astrogram Astrology (Meanings, Methods & Maths) Jayne Kellye
Astrologer Looks at Murder (Study of Murder, Suicide, Rape and 4th House Endings) Edna Rowland
Astrologer's Guide to Counselling Bernard Rosenblum
Astrologer's Handbook to Gambling Evelyn Nagle
Astrological Guide to Your Child Letitia Parmer
Astrological Life Cycles (A Planetary Guide to Personal & Career Opportunities) John Townley
Astrological Life Scripts (Mythological Archetypes in the Natal Horoscope) J. Muzzio
Astrological Patterns (A Key to Self-Discovery) Frances Sakoian and Betty Caulfield
Astrological Predictions Roy Whitney
Astrologically Speaking Ingrid Lind
Astrology Cherry Gilchrist
Astrology (Psychological Approach) Eve Jackson
Astrology (For the Age of Aquarius) Jan Kurrels
Astrology (Famous Exploration of its History, Methods, Mythology, Meani) Louis MacNeice
Astrology T.S. Pattie
Astrology & Alcoholism (Genetic Key to the Horoscope) Ann Parker
Astrology & Homosexuality Wim Van Dam
Astrology - Old Theme, New Thoughts Marion March and Joan McEvers
Astrology Diet (Your Lifetime Diet Based on Astrology) J. Stevens
Astrology Psychology Henry Niemann and Cooper
Astrology and Your Health (Comprehensive, Practical Guide to Phsical, Mental, Spiritual) Jeanne Avery
Astrology and its Practical Application Else Parker
Astrology and the Art of Healing A.T. Mann
Astrology and the Cayce Readings M. Gammon
Astrology and the Tarot A.E. Thierens
Astrology and the Third Reich E. Howe
Astrology for Dogs Linda Lacy
Astrology from A to Z (Illustrated Source Book) Eleanor Bach
Astrology of Genius (A Study of the Nobel Prize Winners) R. Tate
Astrology of Rising Signs (How to Find Your Rising Sign and Determine its Significance.) Karl Sargent
Astrology of Towns and Cities (The Municipal Corporations of England) Harold Wigglesworth
Astrology of the I Ching Chu
Astrology's Special Measurements (How to Expand the Meaning of the Horoscope) Noel Tyl
Astrology: Key to Holistic Health Starck
Astrology: Mundane & Spiritual S. R. Parchment
Astrology: Mundane, Astral, Occult. (Vol. XI) Noel Tyl
Astrology: the Evidence of Science Percy Seymour
Astrology: the Star Connection Philip S. Berg
Astronomy and Astrology of Babylonia A. Sayce
Astronomy and the Imagination (New Approach to Man's Experience of the Stars) Norman Davidson
Astronomy for Astrologers John Filbey
Astrophysical Directions Michael Erlewine
Astros: The Do-It-Yourself Astrology Guidebook Lewis
Astroverse Joe Cooper
Aztec Astrology Tunnicliffe
Baby's Names and Star Signs Sylvana Nown
Basic Astrology - a Guide for Teachers and Students Joan Negus
Be Your Own Astrologer Robert Pelletier and Leonard Cataldo
Birth Signs (Unique New Guide to Your Planetary Influences) Debbie Frank
Body Star Signs (What Your Shape and Stars Say About You) Bel Hislop and Jane Oakley
Book of Houses Robert Cole
Book of Retrogrades John McCormick
Book of World Horoscopes (Annotated Sourcebook of Mundane Charts) Nick Campion
Born to Reign (Astrology of Europe's Royal Families) Nick Campion
By Your Lights Vivian Jayne
Case Studies in Horary Astrology Joan Davies Titsworth
Case for Astrology John Anthony West
Cat Astrology Michael Zullo
Cat Zodiac (How to Know Your Cat's Personality) Russell Grant
Celestial Delights (Best Astronomical Events Through 2001) Francis Reddy
Celestial Harmony Martin Schulman
Celtic Lunar Zodiac (Hard Back) Helena Paterson
Changing Your Destiny (Dynamic New Astrological and Visualization Tools to Shape...) Mary Orser and Richard Zarro
Character and Fate (Psychology of the Birthchart) Katherine Merlin
Chart Rectification Doris Thompson
Chinese Astrology Derek Walters
Chinese Astrology Workbook (How to Calculate and Interpret Chinese Horoscopes) Derek Walters
Chinese Love Signs Tung Jen
Complete Book of Astrological Geomancy (Master Divination System of Cornelius Agrippa) Priscilla Schwei and Ralph Pestka
Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes (Unique Guide to Individual Readings Combined With Western Zo) Chris Marshall
Complete Sun Sign Guide Bernard Fitzwalter
Concise Planetary Ephemeris 2000-2050 - Noon Heiratic
Constellational Astrology Robert De Luce
Constructing the Natal Chart Katalin Williams
Contact Cosmogram Reinhold Ebertin
Continuing Discovery of Chiron Erminie Lantero
Cosmic Clocks Michel Gauquelin
Cosmic Cuisine (Astrological Cookbook) T. Jaine
Cosmic Love Signs (Astrological Way to Meet Men) J. Lemieux
Cosmic Octave (Origin of Harmony) Hans Cousto
Cosmobiology: a Modern Approach to Astrology Doris Greaves
Creative Realities (Astrological Approaches to Self-Determination) John Scott Fisher
Cycles of Becoming Alexander Ruperti
Cycles of Destiny Ronald Davison
Dark Stars (Invisible Focal Points in Astrology) Bernard Fitzwalter and Raymond Henry
Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt Jane Sellers
Diagrams for Primary Arcs Allen Jones
Directions and Directing (An Introduction to Predictive Astrology) L.S. Green
Discover Astrology (Understanding the Art of Natal Interpretation) Cordelia Mansell
Divine Encounters (A New Kind of Loving for a New Age of Living) Penny Thornton
Divine Plot (Astrology, Reincarnation, Cosmology and History) A.T. Mann
Divisional Harmonics H.M. Ishikawa
Doctrine of the Spheres G. De Purucker
Earth Mother Astrology (Ancient Healing Wisdom) Marcia Starck
Eclipse of the Sun (An Investigation Into Sun and Moon Myths) Janet McCrickland
Elemental Voids (More Than Meets the Eye) Shirley Lyons Meier
Elements and Crosses Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Ephemeris 1900-2000 (Midnight) St. Michel
Ephemeris of Great Comets 1402-1948 Carl Ramus
Essays in Medical Astrology Robert Jansky
Everyday Astrology Jill Davies
Everyman's Astrology E. Lyndoe
Expanded Present (Radix Predictive Methods Secondary Progressions Vol. VI) Noel Tyl
Expanding Astrology's Universe Zipporah Dobyns
Financial Astrology Joan McEvers
Financial Astrology David Williams
Financial Astrology Techniques and Horoscopes of Gold Stocks Mary Whitty Boyd
Forces of Destiny (Reincarnation, Karma and Astrology) Penny Thornton
Forecasting Your Future (How to Prepare Your Own Astrological Time Scan) Rupert J. Sewell
Fortune of Astrology Robert Hurtz Granite
Foundations of Astrology (Astrology Series, Vol. I) M. Ungar and L. Huber
Four Elements Horoscope Chart Forms R. Wilson
Full Moons (Fact & Fantasy About Lunar Influence) Paul Katzeff
Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology Bepin Behari
Gays Signs (An Astrological Guide to Homosexual Men) J.E. Kneeland
Generations and the Outer Planet Cycles Steve Cozzi
Genetics of Astrology (A Study of the Topocentric System) Margaret Millard
Goddess in Your Stars G. Thorsten
Harmonic Anthology John Addey
Healing Herbs of the Zodiac Ada Muir
Heaven on Earth (An Astrological Entertainment) Fritz Wegners
Hermetic Astrology - Vol. 1 (Astrology & Reincarnation) Robert Powell
Hermetic Astrology - Vol. 2 Robert Powell
Horary Astrology Derek Appleby
Horary Astrology (The History and Practice of Astro-Divination) Anthony Louis
Horary Lectures Alphee Lavoie
Horoscopes of the Us Presidents Doris Chase Doane
Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere Marc Penfield
Houses & Personality Development Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Houses of the Horoscope Bill Herbst
How to Cast a Natal Chart Jeff Mayo
How to Find a Perfect Partner (Original, Complete & Simplified Scientific Method for Compar) Paul Martin
How to Interpret a Birth Chart (Guide to the Analysis & Synthesis Os Astrological Charts) Martin Freeman
How to Personalize the Outer Planets (Astrology of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) Noel Tyl
How to Prepare & Pass An Astrologer's Certificate Doris Chase Doane
How to Rectify a Birth Laurie Efrein
How to Use Vocational Astrology Noel Tyl
Images of the Psyche (Exploring the Planets Through Psychology and Myth) Christine Valentine
Indian Astrology (A Western Approach to the Ancient Hindu Art) Ronnie Gale Dreyer
Interpretation Techniques A. Hershey
Interpreting Solar Returns James Eshelman
Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns (A Psychological Approach) Babs Kirby and Janey Stubbs
Interpreting Your Novien Moon Eileen Nauman
Introduction to Holistic Medical Astrology Robert Carl Jansky
Journey Through the Birth Chart (Using Astrology on Your Life Path) Joanne Wickenburg
Jungian Symbolism in Astrology Alice O. Howell
Jupiter (An Astrologer's Guide) Eve Jackson
Jupiter Through the Signs Frederic Van Norstrand
Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene
Larousse World Mythology Pierre Grimal
Life Clock, Vol. 1 (Practical Techniques for Counselling Age Progression) Bruno Huber
Life Clock, Vol. 2 (Age Progression in the Horoscope) Bruno Huber
Life, Love and Destiny (A Step by Step Guide to Reading the Stars) Archie Dunlop and Barbara Dunn
Literary Zodiac Paul Wright
Living in Time (A Close-to-Life Astrology Sampler) Palden Jenkins
Love Sign Library (Aries-Pisces) Derek Parker
Lovers' Guide (Astrological Key to Relationships) Marjorie Orr
Lunar Almanac (Hard Back) Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Lure of the Heavens (A History of Astrology) Donald Papon
Made in Heaven (Astrology of Relationships: Real & Ideal) Michael Lutin
Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers Michael Erlewine
Marriage of Heaven and Earth (The Philosophy of Astrology) Gregory Szanto
Marriage, Divorce and Astrology Terri King
Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac John Jocelyn
Mercury Pamela Tyler
Midpoints (Unleashing the Power of the Planets) Michael Munkasey
Minerva/Pluto: the Choice Is Yours Isabel M. Hickey
Minor Aspects Between Natal Planets Emma Belle Donath
Model of Health Roy Gillett
Moment of Astrology (Origins of Directions) Geoffrey Cornelius
Mother (Archetypal Images in Fairy Tales) Sibylle Birkhauser-Oeri
Mundane Astrology H.S. Green and Raphael
My Book of Charts (Notebook of 50 Horoscope Blanks) J. Soric
Mysteries of Venus M. Lerner
Mystery of Personal Identity Michael Mayer
Mystical Astrology According to Ib'arbi Titus Burckhart
Myths & Symbols in Vedic Astrology Bepin Behari
Neptune Effect Patricia Morimando
Nymphomaniac (A Study in the Origins of Passion of the Soul Along With 2..) J. Marvin Spiegelman
One With the Water Jar Luella Sibbald
Optimum Child (Developing Your Child's Fullest Potential Through Astrology) Gloria Star
Origin and Destiny of Humanity William Earl Key-Nee
Patric Walker Birthday Book Patric Walker
Perfect Timing (The Art of Electional Astrology) Gregory Szanto
Phoenix Rising (Exploring the Astrological Pluto) Haydn Paul
Planets (The Astrological Tools) Joan McEvers
Planets & Human Behaviour (A Poineering Exploration of the Symbolism of the Planets) Jeff Mayo
Planets in Combination Lynne Burmyn
Planets in Mutual Reception A. Ryan
Planets in Work (A Complete Guide to Vocational Astrology) Jamie Binder
Planets in the Signs and Houses: Vedic Astrologer's Handbook Bepin Behari
Planetwise (Amazingly Quick and Revealing Character Readings) Barbara Hill
Pluto Fritz Brunhubner
Pluto Laurel Lowell
Pocketful of Stars (Revelations About Yourself, Your Family, Your Friends) Noelene Morris
Power Astrology (Make the Most of Your Sign) Robin MacNaughton
Practical Astrologer: Construct Birth Charts, Cast (Horoscopes & Discover What the Stars) David Christie-Murray
Prediction in Astrology (Master Volume of Technique and Practice) Noel Tyl
Primer for Secondary Progressions Katie Holiday
Principles of Astrology Charles E.O. Carter
Principles of Depth Astrology Tracy Marks
Progressions in Action Doris Chase Doane
Psychology of the Planets Francoise Gauquelin
Queen of the Night (Exploring the Astrological Moon) Haydn Paul
Quest (Further Adventures in the Unconscious) J. Marvin Speigelman
Ray-Centred Astrology Ruth Mierswa
Reach for the Stars: Write Your Own Horoscpe (Do-It-Yourself Guide to Creating Your Own Chart) Nancy Shavick
Recent Advances in Modern Astrology (Critical Review 1900-1976) Geoffrey Dean
Relationship of Stock Market Fluctuations to the Lunar Cycle Frank Guarino
Relationships, Astrology and Karma (How to Understand, Transform and Heal Your Relationships) Pauline Stone
Relocation Emma Belle Donath
Revised Waite's Compendium of Natal Astrology Alan Candlish
Revolutionary Spirit (Exploring the Astrological Uranus) Haydn Paul
Romancing the Stars Penny Thornton
Secondary Progressions (Using the Adjusted Calculating Date) Laurel Lowell
Secret Zodiac (The Hidden Art in Medieval Astrology) Fred Gettings
Seductive Art of Astrology (Meet Your Dream Lover Through the Stars) Carole Golder
Self-Development With Astrology (With Free Personal Birth Chart) Sheila Geddes
Seven Great Problems of Astrology Charles Carter
Seven Paths to Understanding Zipporah Dobyns and B. Wrobel
Sex and the Zodiac Helen Terrell
Signs of the Zodiac Julia Parker
Sky Signs: Aratus Phenomena Stanley Lombardo
Skymates Steven Forrest
Solar Returns Connie Cummings
Solar and Lunar Returns (An Exercise in Sidereal Astrology) Donald Bradley
Solar and Lunar Returns John Filbey
Special Horoscope Dimensions (Success, Sex and Illness Vol. IX) Noel Tyl
Spiral of Life Joanne Wickenburg
Spiritual Astrology (Laypersons Guide to Self-Unfoldment) Jan Spiller
Star Maps for Beginners I.M. Levitt and Roy Marshall
Star Names for Baby D. Crawford
Star Quality Marjorie Orr
Star Songs: a Book of Inspired Astrology V. Swann
Star-Power (An Astrological Guide to Supersuccess) Jacqueline Stallone
Sun & Moon Signs (Indispensable Illustrated Guide to Astrological Characterist) Derek Parker
Sun & Moon Signs Library (Aries - Pisces) Derek Parker
Sun Sign Companions (12 Copy Pack) Celestine O'Ryan
Sun Sign Success (Youe Astrological Pathway to Better Living) Joseph Polansky
Sun Signs for Kids (An Astrological Guide for Parents) L. Burmyn and C. Baldwin
Sun, Moon and Planet Signs Lyn Birkbeck
Suzanne White's Original Chinese Astrology (What the Oriental Zodiac Can Tell You About Yourself & Your) Suzanne White
Sybil Leek's Astrological Guide (To Successful Everyday Living) S. Leek
Sydney Omarr's Astrological Guide for You Sydney Omarr
Synastry Penny Thornton
Tables of Houses for Northern Latitudes Foulsham
Text Book of Astrology Alfred John Pearce
The New Compleat Astrologer Derek Parker
Think: Why You Were Born (According to Your Ascendant) Claudette Olsen
Time & Money (Astrology of Wealth) Barbara Koval
Toward a New Astrology (The Approach of Edgar Cayce) Ry Redd
Transits of the Planets Heber Smith
Transits of the West Dsas of the East (Predict Your Future) James Braha
Transpersonal Astrology (Finding the Soul's Purpose) Errol Weiner
Truth About Forecasting With Astrology Stan Barker
Twelve Signs of the Zodiac T. S. Row
Twelve Times Twelve Joan McEvers
Uranus (Freedom From the Known) Jeff Green
Venus Factor (7 Steps to a Loving Relationship) Jan Kennedy
View From Chiron (Essense and Application) Zane Stein
Vocational Astrology (Personality & Potential) Sue Ann
Vocational Selection and Counselling 1 Doris Chase Doane
Vocational Selection and Counselling 2 Doris Chase Doane
What Does Joan Say (My 7 Years as White House Astrologer to Nancy & Ronald Reaga) Joan Quigley
Who in You (Self-Charted Astropsychologic Profile Guide Combining the ..) Mary Willmont and Marsh Lilly
Winning With Astrology Evelyn Nagle
Written in the Stars (The Proven Link Between Astrology and Destiny) Michel Gauquelin
Year-at-A-Glance/45 Degree Graphic Ephemeris (For 100 Years) Roxana Muise
Yod: its Esoteric Meaning Joan Kellogg
You, Your Stars and Your Partner Diana Hunt
Your Greatest Strength Grant Lewi
Your Personality and the Planets Michel Gauquelin
Your Prenatal Eclipse Rose Lineman
Your Star Child (An Astrology Guide for Every Parent) Haydn Paul
Your Stars to 2001 Elizabeth Teissier
Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide Swami Kriyananda
Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide J. Donald Walters
Zodiac Cookbook (Fabulous Recipes for Every Starsign) Rose Elliot
Zodiac Explorer's Handbook (A Unique Guide to Using Your Birthchart for Inner Exploratio) Helene Hess
Zodiac Family (How Astrology Can Help You Understand and Bring Up Your Chil) Julia Parker
Zodiac Files (It's About You & Everyone You Know) Sample and Marshall
Zodiac Image Handbook: the Fixed Signs Helene Koppejan
Zodiac Signs Goodman
Zodiac and the Soul Charles Carter
Zodiac as a Key to History Zipporah Pottenger Dobyns

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